10 Hilarious Ways to Handle a Friend Who Overshares on Social Media – #4 Will Have You Rolling!

Hey, social media surfers! Ever had that one friend who treats Facebook like their personal diary? Yep, I’ve got one too. She’s like an open book – a book that sometimes includes chapters about me that I’d rather keep private. So, I took a deep dive into the world of social media etiquette and came up with some playful solutions. Buckle up, because you’re in for a laugh!

1. Have You Tried the Art of Subtle Hints?

Ever considered dropping not-so-subtle hints? Like wearing a T-shirt that says, “What happens in real life stays off of Facebook”? It’s a start!

2. What About a Friendly Social Media Intervention?

Picture this: a surprise get-together with friends, but the twist? It’s a social media intervention party. “Hi, I’m [Your Name], and I’m here because I care about our privacy.”

3. Could Turning the Tables Work?

Imagine posting a play-by-play of your day, including every mundane detail. “Just blinked for the 1,237th time today.” Maybe she’ll get the hint?

4. Why Not Create a Code Word?

Come up with a hilarious code word that means “This stays off the ‘Gram!” Like yelling “Pineapple!” in the middle of a story.

5. Is a Social Media Contract Too Extreme?

Draft a playful “contract” outlining the do’s and don’ts of what can be shared. “I hereby promise not to post about my friend’s weird obsession with reality TV.”

6. Have You Thought About Going Incognito?

Next time you’re out, don some funny disguises. “If we’re in costume, you can’t tag me, right?”

7. What if You Just Get Real with Them?

Sometimes, a heart-to-heart is what’s needed. “Hey, I love our friendship, but let’s keep our karaoke nights off the internet, okay?”

8. Ever Considered Creating a ‘No-Share Zone’?

Declare certain hangouts as sacred, social media-free zones. “Welcome to our no-posting paradise!”

9. How About a Social Media Bets Game?

Start a game where if someone overshares, they owe the other a coffee. “Remember the rules! You post, you pay!”

10. Why Not Just Embrace the Madness?

Or, just go with the flow and become the most over-the-top version of yourself online. Give ’em something to really talk about!