10 Hilariously Genius Moves When Your Friend is a Chronic Plan-Canceler – Wait Till You See #5!

Alright, Facebook fam, who here has a friend that treats plans like suggestions rather than commitments? You know, the one who cancels so often you start to wonder if you’re actually in a one-sided game of social tag?

Well, I’ve been there too, and I’ve cooked up some ingenious (and slightly mischievous) ways to handle our beloved but flaky friends. So, grab your popcorn, because this is going to be fun!

1. How About the Classic ‘Plan Something for Yourself’ Move?

Ever tried making plans you’d enjoy alone? Next time they cancel, it’s spa day or video game marathon time – no harm, no foul!

2. What if You Started a Cancellation Jar?

Think of it like a swear jar. Every time they cancel, they drop in $5. Soon, you’ll have enough for a solo trip to Hawaii!

3. Could You Turn it into a Guessing Game?

Start a betting pool with other friends. “What time will Jordan cancel today?” Winner gets bragging rights!

4. What About an Honesty Hour?

Sit them down for a chat. “Hey, I’ve noticed you’ve been bailing a lot. Everything cool?” Sometimes, it’s just about being upfront.

5. Ever Thought of a Backup Buddy System?

Always have a backup plan with another friend. That way, the fun goes on, with or without the flake!

6. How About Embracing Their Flakiness?

Turn their cancellations into a running joke. “And the award for Best Last-Minute Plan Cancellation goes to…”

7. Could You Make a Last-Minute Plan Rule?

Implement a rule: if they cancel last minute, they’re in charge of making the next plan. Watch them squirm!

8. What if You Sent Them a Calendar Reminder?

Send them funny, exaggerated calendar invites. “Reminder: You promised not to bail on me this Saturday!”

9. Have You Considered the ‘Mystery Plan’ Approach?

Keep your plans a mystery. “It’s a surprise! You won’t want to cancel.” The curiosity might just keep them committed.

10. What About Just Accepting Their Quirk?

Sometimes, accepting them as they are is key. Make flexible plans and keep your expectations in check. No stress, no mess!