15 Everyday Items That Became So Pricey, Reddit Says They Aren't Worth It Anymore

15 Everyday Items That Became So Pricey, Reddit Says They Aren’t Worth It Anymore

You know the feeling when you spot a price tag so wild it stops you in your tracks? Ah, the rollercoaster of retail prices—up, up, and away!

Well, a curious Reddit user posed a question that got people spilling tea on whatever items have outpriced their wallets. And boy, did they dish out the dirt! So kick back, grab the popcorn (which probably costs more now, too), and let’s dive into the tragic tales of inflation, courtesy of folks from r/AskReddit.


“Fabric. When my daughter was little, I sewed clothes for her myself. Now, fabric is so expensive that it’s just cheaper to buy the clothes already made.“

Blast from the past, when DIY clothes were a thing, huh? Remember those heartfelt personal touches? Those days are long gone. You’re not alone, thrifty stitchers. Fabric prices have soared higher than fashion week egos. Nowadays, it might be easier to spot a unicorn than to find affordable cloth.

Home Cooking Is the New Eating Out

“I’m learning to cook again. Fast food and premade food is too expensive“

Gordon Ramsay would be proud! That’s right, dust off those pots and pans because folks are heading back to their kitchens. It’s high time for a cooking comeback tour – because, let’s face it, those ‘Value Menus’ are history – unless your idea of value is paying more for the same ol’ burger.

Singing the High-Priced Blues

“Concert tickets. It’s gotten to be over $100 to sit on the grass, in August, in Houston.“

Thinking of catching a live show? Better be ready to sell a kidney! Say hello to triple-digit prices for bug bites and mud slides. Rocking out in the summer heat should not cost as much as a mini-vacay.

Rideshare Roulette

“Lyft / Uber aren’t nearly the deal they used to be.“

Miss those days when taking a rideshare was basically spare change? Get ready to fork out more than a fancy steak dinner for a 10-minute drive. How did we go from hailing budget rides to spending like A-listers?

Just One Drink… Said Nobody’s Wallet Ever

“Just getting a drink at a bar.“

Picture this: a quiet evening, sipping a drink—cha-ching! That’ll be $8, please, for that not-so-top-shelf privilege. Whatever happened to wetting the whistle without draining the purse?

The Local Burger Wars

“Fast food. It’s literally cheaper to go to my local burger joint and get a burger than it is to go to Wendy’s and the burger is outrageously better. Plus they have beer.“

Three cheers for the mom-and-pop shops! They’re beating the fast-food giants at their own greasy game and serving up a cold one to toast their victory. Local burgers are stealing the spice from big chains one tasty patty at a time.

The Fall of Fancy Fabrics

“My current gripe is that clothing has gone way, way downhill.
I am willing to spend more money on some clothing that’s good quality, that will last me a long time.
But I am seeing things at places like Nordstrom, J Crew, Ann Taylor, Anthropologie, Banana Republic, and stores like it, things are priced $100, $200, $300 … and I can tell they will not survive more than 2-3 wears. These places didn’t used to let me down, but the quality has gotten so, so poor.
I’m not even trying to be funny when I say that a lot of the stuff you see at Nordstrom now, should be sold at Target for $20-30.
I am literally finding things at thrift stores, and places like TJ Maxx, that are better quality.“

Let’s pour one out for the demise of dependable duds. Can anybody explain why clothes these days cost a small fortune and last about as long as an ice cream cone in the sun? Shoutout to the thrift stores, though, for keeping it real with those vintage threads.

Dining Out Downsides

“Restaurants. Chips. Soda. Any extra. Fun.“

Remember those freebies and cheap add-ons? Now, getting an extra side or a refill’s like negotiating a business deal. And fun? Apparently, that’s now a luxury item.

Candy Bar Conundrum

“Candy bars
69 cents? I’ll grab one from time to time. Full grown adult.
$2.69? Lol wut? That’s like actual money. For a candy bar? How are they still in business?“

Nostalgia ain’t what it used to be, and neither are candy bar prices. We’ve gone from pocket change treats to straight-up investment pieces. Who knew chocolate would one day need financing options?

Thrift Store Takedowns

“Second hand clothing stores. Some of the things in there I can buy for same price, if not less, for brand new!“

It’s a wild world when the second-hand score costs as much as the fresh-off-the-rack rivals. Are we eagle-eyed bargain hunters or just suckers for upcycled fashion at brand new prices?

Chip, Chip Hooray (Not)

“I’m only just coming to terms with this, but potato chips“

The humble potato chip – once the king of snacks now costs as much as a gourmet meal. Bet you never thought a bag of crisps would make you question your life choices.

The Staggering Cost of Knowledge

“My sons’ college tuition was 10 times what mine cost. I have a grandson coming up in a few years. Will it be 100 times more than mine?“

Saving for college? You might as well start planning to win the lottery. At this rate, we’ll need a NASA budget just to cover Intro to Algebra.

Jerky Jumps the Shark


You’re not just buying dried meat; you’re buying dried meat sprinkled with gold dust at luxury-item prices. Jerky’s the new caviar, didn’t you know?

The Last Supper of Frozen Dinners

“Frozen dinners.
The entire appeal of the product was that you could buy a meal for $2-3. Now that they are $10, you might as well just buy actual food for dinner.“

Once the saving grace of the lazy chef, frozen dinners are now in the ‘splurge’ section. Who knew that peas and mystery meat patty could put such a dent in the wallet?

Cereal Serial Killers

“Fckin cereal man. Some grade A bllshit“

Pour one out for the lost ‘breakfast of champions’—cereal. Is that box filled with gold flakes? Because last time we checked, no breakfast should cost as much as a small farm animal.

Light wallets and heavy hearts, we brave the aisles of our favorite stores, shaking our heads at price tags. The community of Reddit users has spoken, and if this list is anything to go by, it’s wild out there! Stay thrifty, friends – it’s a jungle of receipts.