15 Hilarious Suggestions On What To Show A Time Traveler From The Year 1200

15 Hilarious Suggestions On What To Show A Time Traveler From The Year 1200

Imagine the shock and awe of someone from the year 1200 landing smack dab in the middle of our high-tech, hyper-connected world. How would you introduce a medieval traveler to our era?

Well, someone on Reddit asked exactly that, and the responses were nothing short of hilarious and thought-provoking. Let’s dive into the top Reddit user suggestions on how to give our time-traveling friend the ultimate culture shock!

Everything Would Be Mind-Blowing

“I wouldn’t have to show them anything. Everything they see would be mind-blowing.“

This Redditor knows it’s the small things that count. From flipping a light switch to watching cars zoom by, the modern world is a symphony of wonders that would likely leave a medieval person in perpetual astonishment.

Kitchen Wonders

“Show them a refrigerator full of food, and make them a bowl of soup in the microwave.“

Introducing the magic of preservation and instant cooking! Gone are the days of salting meat for months; we’ve got a chill box that keeps stuff fresh and a dingy machine that heats things in minutes!

Simple Hydration

“Give the person a clean glass of water.“

It might not seem like a showstopper, but imagine living in a time when water purification was a dream. Now, with a turn of a tap, crystal clear water in a glass would seem like a luxury beyond belief.

Alexa, The Modern Oracle

“I’ll use Alexa and make the person think Alexa is a ghost or god lol“

Get ready for the puzzled look when a voice answers back with zero people in sight. Sorcery? Divine intervention? No, just a cheeky little cylinder playing DJ and weather forecaster.

A Trip to the Doc

“To the doctor, otherwise one of us is gonna get some virus without the immune exposure to make it insignificant.“

Let’s face it, bringing history to the present comes with its own health risks. Better get our medieval guest updated on the vaccine front before they catch the dreaded office cold—or worse.

Movie Night with an Alien Twist

“Sit them on the couch and pit the movie Alien on.“

Nothing says welcome to the future like a good old sci-fi horror flick. Extra-terrestrial life forms on screen could either be the finest entertainment or the perfect recipe for a panic spiral.

The Exotic Spice Route

“A supermarket spice isle.“

The sheer variety of flavors at our fingertips would be enough to render any spice trader from the past wide-eyed with wonder. A stroll down one aisle encapsulates the culinary conquests of many centuries.

Vrooom Without Legs

“Maybe it’s gonna be cars, as an easier way to move not using legs“

Goodbye, horses; hello, horsepower! Even the concept of moving at high speeds without breaking a sweat would flip the world upside down for our ancestral visitor.

A Magical Trick

“I’d start small; ask them what’s behind their ear and then pull out a coin with sleight-of-hand.“

Jumping into mystique, this suggestion is the equivalent of playing a good-natured trick on the magic-naive. Plus, it’s a benign way to introduce them to the wonders of modern entertainment.

The Great Indoors

“Id invite them in and the temperature difference would probably surprise them a lot as central heating is amazing“

Why chop wood for a fire when you can bask in the glory of central heating? This convenience would surely be appreciated on a cold day, even in the 1200s.

Reflection of the Times

“A mirror. Iirc the best that even the wealthiest person would have had would have been polished metal, so seeing a crisp, clear reproduction of your own face, something you’d only ever seen in a puddle before, would be a mind fuck.“

The modern mirror would indeed be mystifying. Clear, flawless reflections are now everyday occurrences, but for our time traveler, it’d be like discovering a hidden part of oneself.

Cleanliness is Next to…Time-Traveliness?


A proper shower with warm water and soap would be the embodiment of luxury and convenience. It’s one of those things that’s easy to take for granted until you’ve never experienced it before.

Vaccinate or Bust

“The hospital, since without immediate vaccinations and treatment they would likely be dead within two weeks.
Someone from 1200 does not have any protections against the diseases we all carry today“

Not as flashy as a microwave, but undoubtedly vital. Modern medicine would be a lifesaver, quite literally, for our unvaccinated friend.

A Modern Feast

“I’d cook something for them and let them watch how insanely different and varied our cooking methods are compared to those from that person’s time. Like, maybe I’d fry some chicken for them (heavily spiced, of course) and bake some macaroni and cheese in my oven.“

The aromas alone would be enough to entice any medieval traveler. Add to that the marvel of watching food cook without an open flame? We’d have a winner!

Picture-Perfect Moment

“I’d take their picture with my phone then show it to them.“

To capture one’s likeness with a snap and show it instantaneously would seem like capturing a piece of the soul. It’s photography, but to our ancient guest’s perspective, it could simply be magic.

So there you have it, a roundup of what Reddit thinks would send a medieval newcomer into an awe-induced coma. It’s fun to think about, but it’s also a beautiful reminder of the incredible advancements we often overlook in our daily lives. Maybe we’re all just time travelers, a little further along the path.