15 Incredible Happenings Around the World You Haven't Heard About Yet

15 Incredible Happenings Around the World You Haven’t Heard About Yet

Hey there, awesome humans! Let’s take a moment to break away from the constant cycle of doom and gloom. You know what I’m talking about — that never-ending newsfeed that’s jam-packed with stories that make you want to wrap up in a blanket and never leave your couch.

But believe it or not, there’s a whole bunch of incredible stuff happening around our beautiful planet that doesn’t always get the limelight it deserves. Someone on Reddit asked, “What is something GOOD going on in the world that a lot of people aren’t aware of?” And, boy oh boy, did the internet deliver some hope-inducing truth bombs! Without further ado, let’s dive into these nuggets of positivity shared by the global Reddit community.

A Surprise Baby Rhino

An Eastern Black Rhino was just born, a complete surprise to the rangers who protect the 1,000 remaining in the wild. They are Critically Endangered, the rarest of the subspecies, and this is a monumental occasion.

Talk about a joyful shocker! These rangers must have felt like they struck gold — or, in this case, a beautiful shade of rhino-gray. With Eastern Black Rhinos being as rare as an honest politician, this surprise addition is like a nature-made lottery win. The fact that these majestic creatures are hanging by a thread makes every new baby a reason to throw a wildlife party!

Quilting for a Cause

There are about 10 to 12,000,000 people in the United States Who Quilt. Most of them belong to Quilt guilds that donate to homeless shelters, veteran shelters, and other types of places where people need blankets. My Quilt Guild donated over 800 this year and we only have 80 people in our guild.

Can we give a round of applause to these unsung heroes with the nimble needles? That’s a whole lot of cozy quilts warming hearts and bodies across the nation. This stitched-together effort is not only crafting blankets but also weaving a community fabric stronger than the toughest denim. Just think about all the love and care in each stitch — it’s like a warm hug from a stranger.

Busy Beavers in the UK

They’re successfully rewilding beavers in the UK.

The beaver comeback tour is on, and it’s one heck of an eco headliner hitting the UK! These industrious critters are nature’s engineers, building dam good homes and creating wetlands that benefit other wildlife. It’s like they’re throwing an animal kingdom renovation party, and everyone’s invited. Welcome back, beavers! Keep on chomping and building.

Humpbacks Making a Splash

Humpback whales are no longer endangered.

Queue up the whale songs and let’s have a whale of a time celebrating! These ocean giants flipping the script on endangerment is the kind of news that makes you want to strap on a tail and join their epic migration party. The humpbacks are singing a tune of victory, and we can’t help but join in the chorus.

Bacteria Battling Cancer

I know this is older news, but maybe people aren’t aware of it.
Researchers/scientists have been working with a bacteria to fight cancers. Bacillus Calmette-Guérin has been used with some success to fight bladder cancer.

Microscopic gladiators taking on the beast that is cancer — now that’s something to cheer about! These little life-savers are showing us that sometimes the smallest fighters pack the mightiest punch. While the journey to beat cancer continues, this is one battle tactic that deserves a salute.

Hope in the Courtroom

The days are long and the years are short as a criminal defense attorney. Sometimes I feel discouraged, hopeless, and exhausted. Last year, I took on a military service member pro bono because I sensed he needed my help and needed any hope I could offer him. I convinced a therapist to take on his case pro bono, too. Over the next year, he chose to be sober, attended therapy each week, and really worked to change. This week, I successfully dismissed his case. At his graduation, he told me he once had no hope for the future and seriously contemplated suicide. But now, he is hopeful and looking forward to the future. Despite how hard my job is most days, it gave me the strength to keep going.

Here’s to the legal eagles who aren’t just about the billable hours but are truly invested in turning lives around. When the world seems like it’s full of cracked gavels and justice gone awry, stories like this restore our faith in humanity. It’s the classic tale of a second chance redeemed and a future reclaimed. Cheers to a job done with heart!

Trees Today, Tomorrow, Forever

Global efforts to reforest areas are making a significant impact.

Look out! We’ve got a green wave coming through, and it’s not just about the color of the leaves. These tree-hugging initiatives are greenlighting a healthier planet for future saplings — I mean, kids. It’s like each new tree is a breath of fresh air quite literally. So let’s keep sowing the seeds of change and watch our global garden grow.

Teen Birth Rates Drop

Teen pregnancy rates hit a historic low in 2022.

Now here’s a stat that’ll make you wanna high-five the nearest teen. It seems that education, resources, and empowerment are the real MVPs here, showing that when you give young people the tools they need, they can build incredible futures. Less MTV’s “16 and Pregnant” and more cap-and-gown vibes!

Ozone Layer, Back in Action

The ozone layer is thickening!

Holy moly, ozone! This comeback is like the environmental version of a Rocky movie, but instead of boxing gloves, we’ve got science and global agreements working the magic. This shield of gas is getting its groove back and protecting us once again from those cosmic sunburns. Go on with your bad self, ozone layer!

India’s Record Tree-Planting

The global movement to plant trees is quietly making strides; India set a world record by planting over 66 million trees in a single day, contributing to a positive impact on the environment and climate.

Now that’s what you call tree-iffic teamwork, India! This leafy accomplishment is better than any gold medal. We always hear about breaking records in sports, but this is truly a breath-taking achievement — pun intended. Imagine 66 million more whispers in the wind, all thanks to a single day of digging in the dirt.

LA’s Clear Sky Surprise

I lived in Los Angeles during the eighties, in Van Nuys. I didn’t realize that there was a mountain range to the north of the valley. I drove through in 2013 and there was very little smog. I have been told by people I know who live there that the smog is like ten or twenty percent of what it was in the eighties.

California dreaming just got a whole lot clearer, folks! LA’s smoggy days are fading faster than the memory of last year’s Internet challenges. What once was a haze of pollution is now giving way to scenic views and mountain blues. High-five, LA—you’re literally giving us a breath of fresh air!

Medical Marvels

Medicine and treatment for many ailments has progressed through the years, improving quality AND quantity of life.

Modern medicine keeps pushing the boundaries like a doctor in a medical drama, minus the over-the-top love triangles (we hope). From new treatments to extended lifespans, it’s a healthcare plot twist we’re all here for. From the stethoscope to the genome sequence, our scrubs-clad heroes deserve all the applause.

An Environmental Battery Swap

Sodium-ion batteries might start replacing lithium-ion batteries soon which would be much better for the environment and generally cheaper or more convenient.

Charge up those gadgets, eco-warriors, because the battery game is getting a green makeover. Sodium is stepping in as the pinch hitter, and it’s not just for your diet anymore. This switcheroo could lead to some clean energy grand slams, making both Mother Nature and our wallets do a little happy dance.

A Snip in the Right Direction

CRISPR treatment has just been FDA approved to cure sickle cell disease.

This GENetic breakthROUGH is like science fiction come to life, and it’s giving us all the futuristic feels. CRISPR is like a molecular pair of scissors, editing genes to kick sickness to the curb. Say goodbye to sickle cell and hello to a new era of hope. Three cheers for the genetic geniuses!

Closing in on an HIV Cure

Researchers have successfully cured HIV in several non-human primates. We’re closer to a real cure!

This is huge — like, Moon-landing huge. We’re talking about cracking the code on one of the most elusive and challenging viruses in human history. These scientific victories are proof that perseverance pays off. To the lab coats in the research trenches, we salute you for not monkeying around when it comes to global health.

And there you have it, my dear positivity-seekers — a listicle packed with stories that’ll make your heart do a little jig of joy. In a world full of unpredictable twists and turns, it’s these glimpses of progress and kindness that keep us believing in the good stuff. So remember, the next time the world news has you feeling blue, there’s always a silver lining hiding on a Reddit thread, just waiting to be discovered. Keep that chin up and carry on, because somewhere out there, something good is always happening.