15 People Reveal Surprisingly Simple Hacks They Can't Believe Aren't Common Knowledge

15 People Reveal Surprisingly Simple Hacks They Can’t Believe Aren’t Common Knowledge

Hey there, fellow internet wanderers! Ever feel like you’re just going through the motions, stuck in a rut, or maybe you’re just plain out of fresh ideas to pimp out your daily routine?

Well, someone on Reddit threw out a question to the universe, asking for those super simple life hacks that are so effective, it’s a wonder why the whole world isn’t already on board. And let me tell you, the Reddit community did not disappoint!

From kitchen tips that’ll make you feel like Gordon Ramsay to shoe advice that’ll have your feet singing hallelujah, here’s a roundup of the best and brightest advice out there. So buckle up, buttercup, ’cause we’re about to dive into a pool of wisdom so deep, you’ll need floaties.

No More Recipe Rambles

“When looking at recipes online, click the print link. This cuts out the unnecessary backstory and random musings. You can also save the recipe as a PDF to your computer or even just the link to the printable version.“

Pre-Workout Rituals FTW

“Create a routine for BEFORE exercise. I do the exact same things every time I go to the gym. When I’m not motivated, those little pre workout habits just trigger me into action.“

Label Those Cords, Folks

“If you get something that comes with a unique charger/power cable, label it with what it’s for.“

Pen > Sword and Memory

“Write shit down.“

Don’t Feed The Trolls!

“To increase your peace of mind don’t waste your time arguing with random strangers on internet.“

To The Last Drop: Coffee Edition

“If you’re making coffee in an automatic drip coffee maker, especially a cheap one, leaving a little bit of water in the carafe (about an ounce or so) will significantly improve the flavor. It prevents the first bit of brewed coffee from becoming scorched from the hot plate and flavoring the entire pot“

Upside Down Magic: Bean Edition

“Store cans of baked beans upside down so you don’t have to scrape them out the bottom when you open the can.“

Reviews, The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly!

“If ordering something online, since places can fake a good review, only read the negative reviews, a bunch of complaining about shipping/damaged items/trivial shit is good, whereas multiple broke in the first week/won’t charge/leaks means the product is shit.“

Buffer the Bluster

“From working technical support for longer than I dare think about, most angry customers just want to be heard. Let them have their rant, do active listening, and make notes about what they’re saying. They will eventually run out of steam. Then, read back everything they talked about and go through it step by step. Works almost every time, and often they are very thankful by the end of the call.“

Grandma Knows Best

“My grandmother always said that if you feel terrible, get out of bed, take a shower, do your hair and put on clothes, down to your shoes, and have a good meal. Either this will fix it or you’re dressed and fed and in a better place to deal with the problem. She was right.“

Spoonful of Heat, Bite Full of Relief

“If you have an itchy mosquito bite, heat up a spoon under semi-hot water (like 45-50°C), dry it off and tap or press it on the bite. Just as short as you can tolerate it but also as long as possible. The heat dissolves the protein that makes the mosquito bite itch.“

The Paint Hack Chronicle

“Hack 1: When you paint a room and remove the light switch plate, on the inside of the plate write down the color of the paint you used and the brand. Great for when you need to repaint a spot a couple of years later. Hack 2: After you wash and dry a set of sheets, put the top sheet, bottom sheet and pillow case all inside of one of the pillow cases. Then you have the whole set together in one neat little package and don’t have to look for matching sheets and pillow cases.“

Furniture Finesse

“If you’re putting together furniture, leave all the screws a little loose. Finish the whole thing. Place it where its going to be. Wiggle it so it settles into place. THEN tighten all the bolts. No wobble!“

Step Lightly In Style

“If you want a comfortable pair of high heels, invest in a pair of dance heels. Lots of beautiful designs and colors, designed to be flexible and comfortable. Worth every penny. Just make sure they’re not felt-soled if you plan on wearing them outdoors. A good quality pair from a company like Repetto are worth getting rubber-soled if they aren’t already. Your feet will thank you. ETA: So glad some of you found this helpful. My mother has permanent foot deformation from wearing heels daily since 1977 and my discovery of wearing dance heels was born out of my desire to look elegant but avoid pain and disfigurement!“

The Key Chronicles

“I am extremely organized except where my keys were concerned. I lost them several times a week. Then I saw the comedian Jon Richardson saying that people with keys are “putters” or “leavers” I was a leaver, leaving my keys lying around so i decided to be a putter. As soon as I get in i PUT my keys straight into my bag. It seems so stupid but it totally works and has saved me a lot of stress!“

There you have it, folks! An arsenal of life simplifiers straight from the keyboard-warriors and wisdom-sharers of Reddit. Say goodbye to the same old drag, and hello to smoother sailing (and a bunch of I-can’t-believe-I-never-thought-of-this facepalms). Don’t just stand there; go label a charger, refuse an internet duel, or maybe heat a spoon—it’s hackin’ time!