15 People Share the One Thing They Want to Do Before Dying

15 People Share the One Thing They Want to Do Before Dying

Ever wonder what’s at the top of people’s bucket lists? Well, Reddit’s buzzing hive mind in r/AskReddit recently served up some deep, hilarious, and downright quirky life goals after a user popped the inevitable question.

Prepare to nod, chuckle, and maybe even shed a tear as we dive into a direct scoop from this veritable smorgasbord of dreams and aspirations. So, without further ado, here’s what some Redditors are yearning to check off their lists before they kick the proverbial bucket.

See the Aurora Borealis

“See the Aurora Borealis”

Starting off with a shimmer of green, it looks like many hearts are set on the natural light show that dances across polar skies. Can’t blame them — who wouldn’t want to witness one of nature’s most electric performances?

Find Someone Worth Doing All the Things I Want to Do With

“Find someone worth doing all the things I want to do with”

Oh, the feels! Someone is looking for their partner in crime, their companion to share in all the adventures life has to offer. Let’s raise our glasses to finding that plus-one for life’s rollercoaster.

I’d Like to Hear My Son Tell Me I Am Cool

“I’d like to hear my son tell me I am cool. Like when he realizes it like for real.. I am not some old fuddy duddy and I did some rad shit.”

Cue the ‘awwwws’! One parent longs for that seal of approval from their offspring. They aren’t just a taxi driver or ATM; they’re the undercover superhero of cool.

Go on an Ice Skating Date

“go on an ice skating date. i was a figure skater for ~12 years of my life and have been dying to have a cheesy love story with a hockey man who would go on a skating date with me”

Bring on the rom-com! You can practically hear the ice crunching under a warm-hearted tale of gliding and sliding into love on the rink.

Have Sex

“Have sex. I’ve already done it but definitely wanna do it again before I die”

A candid soul among us is keeping it real simple and, ahem, back to the basics.

Get a Hug From an Elephant With Their Trunk

“Ok this is probably the most silly one anyone would ever say. I want to get a hug from an elephant with their trunk.”

It’s not every day you hear someone yearning for a trunk embrace. It’s trunk-loads of cuteness and quirkiness that we’re all here for!

To Be Loved By a Partner

“To be loved by a partner. Truly loved. The kind of love that my future kids see how in love their parents are. I’m sobbing.”

Right in the heart, folks! This Redditor’s longing for love that shines so bright, it’ll be a legacy of affection for the kiddos. Let’s not cry together, okay?

Live. Really Live.

“Live. Really live.”

Two words that are packed with meaning. Beyond just existing, isn’t this what we all are chasing? A life chock-full of living with a capital “L”.

Buy a Home

“Buy a home”

A practical dream with a roof over it. It’s the age-old quest for a little slice of the planet to call one’s own.

Visit Europe

“Visit Europe”

This Redditor is aiming to soak up centuries of history, culture, and maybe a few of those pastries we hear so much about.

Pass, I’m Ready.

“Pass, I’m ready.”

Here’s a sobering take — someone’s quite at peace with the life they’ve lived. No bucket list needed when you’re already fulfilled.

See Earth From Space

“See earth from space”

Literally an out-of-this-world aspiration. Space tourism isn’t so far-fetched these days, so fingers crossed!

I Hope One Day I Can Retire

“I hope one day I can retire. Seems unattainable but would be nice.”

And back down to Earth — someone’s got their eyes on the prize of trading the daily grind for perpetual vacation vibes.

Literally Just Get One Genuine Hug From Someone

“Literally just get one genuine hug from someone”

Heart-tugging in its simplicity. In a world where connections can be fleeting, one soul just wants a real hug.

Fall in Love

“Fall in love”

Ah, to tumble headfirst into the dizzying, intoxicating world of love. A goal as old as time, yet forever new.

There you have it. The dreams and desires are as varied as Reddit’s massive community. Whether it’s simple, profound, or just plain whimsical, each hope holds its own charm. And really, isn’t that the beauty of life? Having wildly different ambitions that keep us reaching, aspiring, and — sometimes — posting.