15 People Share What Everyone Thinks Is Awesome But Is Actually Terrible

15 People Share What Everyone Thinks Is Awesome But Is Actually Terrible

We’ve all been fed the dream. The shiny, glitzy, glamorous moments that pop culture and societal say-so have assured us we’re just dying to experience. But peer behind the curtain of hyped-up expectations and oftentimes, what you’re left with isn’t the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow—it’s more like the old boot in the fishing pond of life. One intriguing soul on Reddit decided to toss the question out into the wild: “What’s something people say is good but is actually terrible?”

And, oh boy, did the internet have opinions.

From overrated city attractions to questionable lifestyle advice, let’s dive into the straight-up no-chaser truth the Reddit family shared. Remember, these are all real responses from the trove of collective wisdom (and cynicism) that is Reddit.

“The skating rink at Rockerfeller Center in New York City.”

The skating rink at Rockerfeller Center in New York City. In movies it looks like this amazing big rink with romantic couples skating around that iconic statue thing. When you go there the thing is the size of a tennis court. So disappointing.

It’s the picturesque highlight on every rom-com set during the holidays, Rockefeller Center’s legendary ice rink. But hold your frozen horses! According to one Redditor, the reality is less ‘Winter Wonderland’ and more ‘Winter Womp-womp.’ The ice rink, it turns out, could be mistaken for a mere frosty puddle when pitted against the wonders of Hollywood camera lenses and angles.

“New Years Eve in Times Square.”

New Years Eve in Times Square.

Here’s a shining example of hype culture that might have everyone shaking their heads in unity. The bucket-list experience of celebrating New Year’s in the heart of NYC sounds better as a script than a plan. Sure, watching the ball drop on TV is one thing, but does anyone really want to be trapped in a sea of people, clinging to their bladder control? Reddit says “No thanks.”

“Work as hard as you can. Always give 100%”

“Work as hard as you can. Always give 100%”. For gods sake, relax a little.

If workaholism were a sport, this mantra would be its cheer. But just like any extreme fad, going full-throttle comes with a dark side. One Redditor’s plea for moderation might strike a chord with burned-out souls everywhere, suggesting maybe it’s time to trade in that extra hustle for a hammock and some good old-fashioned R & R.

“Relationship advice on Reddit.”

Relationship advice on Reddit.

“Dump them!” “Red flag!” The echo chamber sometimes known as Reddit has become notorious for its… let’s call them ‘enthusiastic’ relationship insights. This user’s jab suggests that while the internet’s heart might be in the right place, the execution could use some serious couples’ therapy.

“Sex on the beach… Sand getting everywhere!”

Sex on the beach… Sand getting everywhere!

The steamy scene that’s graced a thousand movie screens—and possibly fueled the sales of just as many beach blankets. But before you rush to the shore, heed the gritty truth from someone who’s clearly been there, done that, and is still finding sand in uncomfortable places.

“Mardi Gras in downtown New Orleans.”

Mardi Gras in downtown New Orleans. It smells, everything is expensivs, it’s crowded, and your shoes will be covered in piss and vomit.

Ah, Mardi Gras. Beads, booze, and… biohazards? This Redditor’s take on the famed festival paints a picture that’s far less Technicolor dream and more sepia-toned nightmare. Maybe it’s time to swap those feathered masks for something a little more… hazmat.

“”Clean” beauty. Give me my preservatives.”

“Clean” beauty. Give me my preservatives, I’m not trying to throw my expensive serum out after a month or apply mold to my face.

The ‘clean’ movement has infiltrated our skincare routine with promises of untouched purity. But for some, slathering potential petri-dish concoctions on sensitive skin feels like a microbiology experiment gone wrong. Preservatives? Maybe they’re not so evil after all.

“Shower sex”

Shower sex

The juxtaposition of steamy water with steamier moments seems like a clear winner. Yet, one can’t help but wonder if all that’s slippery when wet might just lead to more danger than passion. Health and safety come first, folks—even when you’re getting frisky with consent.

“”the old days””

“the old days”

Nostalgia has a siren call, but it’s not always sweet music to everyone’s ears. This Reddit truth-sayer makes a simple but sharp point that old doesn’t automatically equate to gold. Sometimes, ‘the good old days’ are better off left in memory’s dusty, rose-colored attic.

“Malort. Why yes I am from Chicago, how did you know?”

Malort. Why yes I am from Chicago, how did you know?

There are local delicacies, and then there’s Malort. To the uninitiated, it’s a type of liquor that even many self-proclaimed tough-chicagonian tastes can’t handle. This user’s incredulous shoutout is a nod to hometown pride… and possibly a clever way to avoid having to share any.

“getting drunk until you blackout”

getting drunk until you blackout

One might wager that the person behind this comment speaks from a night (or several?) they’ll never remember. When the cost of fun involves erasing it from your memory bank, perhaps it’s time to redefine ‘fun.’

“Turning the bass all the way up”

Turning the bass all the way up

Once upon a time, someone decided music could only truly be felt if it’s literally shaking your insides. But there’s a fine line between beats that bump and beats that bruise. One Reddit rhythm critic’s plea for auditory moderation could save us all a few decibels of hearing.

“Drake’s music.”

Drake’s music.

To each their own on the music spectrum. Yet, when it comes to crowd-sourced opinion, Drake’s tunes have left at least one Redditor unimpressed. Not even the “Hotline Bling” can toot this critic’s trumpet.



There has never been any such thing as a benevolent dictator.

Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely

Chill vibes and easy-going discourse from Reddit take a sharp turn into the political arena with this take on control’s crudest form. It’s a weighty reminder that the heaviest crowns do more than just mess up royal hairdos.

“Realism in superhero movies”

Realism in superhero movies

Superheroes leap tall buildings, but one Redditor suggests they take a hard pass on a leap into gritty reality. The world of capes and spandex might just be best left in its larger-than-life fantasy bubble, far away from the mundane grip of the real world.

And there you have it, fun-seekers: Reddit’s sobering smackdown on some of life’s most gloriously misunderstood moments. Bubble burst? Maybe. But sometimes the truth is the only superpower we need.