15 Things People Swear Won't Exist in 10 Years – And They're Probably Right!

15 Things People Swear Won’t Exist in 10 Years – And They’re Probably Right!

Have you ever wondered what the world will look like in 10 years? We all have our guesses, but some Reddit users took it to the next level. Inspired by a post asking what they think will disappear in a decade, the responses were nothing short of fascinating, hilarious, and sometimes a bit sad. From the practical to the absurd, let’s dive into these intriguing predictions.

Bigger Dating Apps

“Honestly a bunch of the ‘bigger ‘ dating apps that force you to pay to message people like eharmony“

This comment hits right at the heart of our digital love lives. It’s true, the landscape of dating apps has been changing rapidly, and the frustration with pay-to-chat models is real. Could this signal a shift towards more user-friendly, less monetized forms of online dating? Time will tell, but for now, it seems our days of swiping might be numbered.

Dental Drills

“Dental drills. Maybe not quite, but at the dentist today I noticed the dr using an electric tool and asked if the drills were going electric too. He said they’re already using lasers instead of drills and when he expects them to become mainstream in 10 to 15 years.“

Goodbye to the dreaded sound of dental drills? Yes, please! The idea of laser technology in dentistry isn’t just cool sci-fi stuff – it’s becoming a reality. This could mean less pain and more precision in our dental care. So, maybe in the future, visiting the dentist won’t be such a nerve-wracking experience!

TV Streaming Services

“I predict in 10 years all these tv streaming services will be available bundled together in one package. They will call it “cable television.”“

Ah, the irony! Remember when we all ditched cable for streaming services? This comment cleverly points out how these services are slowly morphing back into the cable packages we once knew. Will we come full circle and end up with a “new” form of cable TV? It’s definitely a possibility.

Hair Loss

“My hair 😭“

This one hits close to home for many of us. Hair loss, while a natural part of aging for some, is a sensitive topic. Whether it’s due to genetics, stress, or lifestyle, the struggle is real. Let’s just hope that in the next decade, we’ll see advancements in hair care and restoration techniques.



A single word, but it speaks volumes. In our increasingly digital world, the concept of privacy is rapidly evolving – or, some might say, eroding. This prediction is a stark reminder of the challenges we face in protecting our personal information and maintaining privacy in the digital age.


“At least half of the newspapers in the US“

The decline of print media has been a topic of discussion for years, and this comment suggests the trend will continue. As digital media becomes more dominant, the charm and ritual of reading a physical newspaper might become a memory of the past.

Attention Spans

“Attention spans.“

In a world full of constant notifications and instant gratification, it’s no wonder that our attention spans are getting shorter. This prediction is a cheeky nod to this modern dilemma. Will we all become masters of multitasking, or will we learn to slow down and focus? Only time will tell.

Chromebooks in Schools

“Chromebooks in schools. I’m seeing schools going back to paper so kids don’t cheat on reports. Probably a lot cheaper than chromebooks“

The debate between digital and paper in education is ongoing. This comment points out the practicality and honesty of traditional methods. Maybe the future of education isn’t as high-tech as we thought – sometimes, old-school is just better.



This is a deep one. The concept of ownership is changing, especially with the rise of the sharing economy and digital goods. Will we own less and share more? It’s a fascinating shift to watch as we move towards a more communal and less materialistic society.

Winter Colds

“A winter cold enough to kill off enough ticks, chiggers and mosquitoes.“

Climate change is real, and its effects are felt even in the little things – like not having a cold enough winter to keep the bug population in check. This comment is a subtle reminder of the larger environmental issues at play.


“hopefully my acne“

Who hasn’t wished for clear skin? This comment, while humorous, also reflects a common hope. With advancements in skincare and medicine, maybe the dream of saying goodbye to acne forever isn’t too far off.

Rollerblading Rinks

“I feel like rollerblading rinks will be non-existent. I see them closing all over.“

Nostalgia alert! Rollerblading rinks have been a staple of fun for generations. But as times change, so do our entertainment choices. This could be a sad farewell to a beloved pastime.


“Probably my grandma, she’s 94 years old, … probably a lot sooner than 10 years. She was a witch her whole life, so no hard feelings.“

This comment, while poignant, also carries a sense of humor and acceptance. It’s a reminder of the inevitable cycle of life and the importance of cherishing our loved ones while they’re still with us.


“Influencers. If we’re lucky.“

The world of influencers has exploded in recent years, but will it last? This comment suggests a future where the influencer culture might fade, perhaps leading to a more authentic online experience.

Credit/Debit Card Swiping

“Having the ability to insert or swipe a credit or debit card“

In the age of contactless payments and digital wallets, the traditional swiping of cards is becoming a thing of the past. This prediction points towards a future where all transactions are just a tap away.

These predictions from Reddit users give us a glimpse into the future – some serious, some humorous, and some a bit of both. What do you think will disappear in the next decade? Share your thoughts and let’s see if they come true!