Your ex drives by your house. But what does it mean?

Your ex drives by your house. But what does it mean?
After all, your ex is no longer your wife or husband, so maybe they don’t really care about you anymore. Maybe it means nothing. But maybe not…

In this article, we explore 13 possible reasons why your ex might be driving by your house.

#1: They Want To Spy On You
Breakups can make people do crazy things. Sometimes, your former partner might have wanted to see your new relationship go horribly wrong. No matter how much you’ve recently grown apart, you’re probably still a little wary of seeing their car in the driveway or seeing them walking up the sidewalk towards your house.

Understandably, you might be thinking what is my ex doing here? Maybe they’re just driving by to see if you still live at the same place and wondering if you’ve gotten married yet. Or maybe they’re hoping to catch a glimpse of your new boyfriend or girlfriend coming or going.

In either case, you probably don’t want to confront them directly. Instead, you might consider changing your routine around. You might not want to have your coffee at the same time every morning or have your kids over for playtime on the weekends. Maybe you’re invited out more often now, so they might just be hanging around to see what you’re up to.

#2: They Want To Confront You
Sometimes, your ex might be driving by your house because they want to confront you. Maybe they want to talk about old times and why things didn’t work out. They might want to see your new partner or boyfriend or girlfriend. Maybe they’re curious to see if you’re doing alright now that you’ve separated. They might want to know what you’ve been up to lately, and whether there’s still any chance of getting back together.

An ex might especially want to confront you if things didn’t end up the way they wanted. In this situation, your ex might want to know what you’re doing with your life and why it’s going so well without them. Maybe they feel like they’ve been forgotten or discarded.

Maybe they feel like you’ve abandoned them or that they’re no longer needed in any way.

#3: Out of Curiosity

Maybe your ex visits out of curiosity.
They might want to see if you changed since the breakup and whether anything’s changed about your life or your appearance.

For example, they might have wondered what kind of car you drive. Or maybe they’re curious to know how your new partner is treating you.

Sometimes, your ex might just be curious because they miss you and want to check up on you.

It can be a strange time when you’re no longer with the one person that you spent years with.

Therefore, your ex might drive by your house or visit on occasion just to see how you’re doing.

#4: They Want to Make Things Right

Sometimes, your ex might drive by your house to hopefully make things right. If you recently had a falling out, they might feel bad about how things ended between you two.

For example, maybe you caught them cheating, or perhaps they were the one to drag out a breakup that was already inevitable.

In this case, the guilt might still be weighing on your ex’s conscience, so they might have a need to look over you. Maybe they want to see how you’re dealing with things or to make things right before they’ve gone too far.

#5: To See if They Can Make You Jealous
Sometimes, your ex might want to drive by your house just to get a rise out of you. This is a childish type of jealousy that they’re feeling, but it isn’t wrong. Your ex may want to see how you react to seeing their car in the driveway or just to test whether they can still get a rise out of you.

If the two of you used to fight a lot or if there was a lot of drama in your relationship, then your ex might know that they’re capable of turning the tables on you. They might be hoping to get a reaction out of you, and they may even be encouraging you to call or text them.

#6: Your Ex Wants To Try Again
It’s quite common for an ex to drive by your house in an attempt to try again.

If the two of you shared many years together, then your ex might still think that there’s a chance for reconciliation. They might want to let you know that they feel more than just friendship for you and that they still want to rekindle the romance.

So they do this out of a sense of friendship or a misguided idea that it can work out.

#7: To See If You’re Still In Love With Them
Understandably, your ex might want to drive by your house to see if you’re still in love with them.

Breaking up is one of the hardest aspects of a relationship, so there might still be a little bit of a tug-of-war going on in your ex’s head.

They might still have feelings that they want to express. They might just be curious whether you’re even capable of being able to love them anymore.

What to Do When Your Ex Drives By Your House
If your ex is driving by your house, then it’s important that you don’t take it personally or react rashly.

The truth is that exes drive by once in a while for all types of reasons. Maybe they’re feeling nostalgic and maybe they’re still looking out for you.

However, you do have a few options.

Ignore Your Ex
You can ignore them if you want to.

Doing this is a lot like pulling a Band-Aid off quickly and not dealing with the consequences head-on. However, this can be an easy way out.

This all depends on how the relationship ended and the reason for your ex’s visit, but it can lower the risk of getting hurt.

Be Polite But Firm
If your ex is driving by your house and you want to be polite, then you can be more direct and tell them that this isn’t a good time. However, you don’t have to be overly snappy or mean about it.

You can wave, heck, you can even say hello and ask how they’re doing.

However, you don’t want to invite them back into your life at this point. It’s important to keep the conversation light and to keep your distance while still being polite.

Invite Your Ex Inside
If your ex is driving by your house, you might want to invite them inside if the opportunity presents itself.