A Daughter Disowned Her Mother and Now Wants To Move Back Home

In a perplexing turn of events, a Reddit user presented her dilemma to the “Am I The Asshole” community. After her daughter effectively disowned her and then found herself ousted by her father’s new relationship, she came asking to move back home under her mother’s care. The mother, however, wasn’t about to let her into the nest without some strings attached.

The Mother’s Conditions Include GED Completion and Gainful Employment

Understanding that her 21-year-old daughter, Maria, needed more than just a roof over her head, she listed several conditions for her return home. The stipulations included getting a GED, working a 25+ hour job, pursuing a career path through education, contributing to household chores, and dialing back on the party lifestyle. All these were meant to instill responsibility, something that her father’s indulgence may have stripped away. But, like a storm cloud at a picnic, the daughter blasted her mom as a “crazy jerk” and stormed off.

Redditors Weigh In: NTA and A Call for Tough Love

Redditors were quick to support the mother. One user, 7hr0wn, commented, “Beyond reasonable, even. You wouldn’t be out of line to ask for bills or contributions to household expenses.” Another user, Browneyedgirl63, added, “Don’t back down,” suggesting the daughter has had it too easy for too long. User No-Magician8638 chimed in, suspecting the involvement of the father’s new wife in the daughter’s predicament but noted, “Dad was completely happy to spoil her until he got remarried, then does a 180 degree about-face.”

Other users highlighted the potential tough reality the daughter faces, with AnimalLover38 recommending charging ‘faux rent’ to build up a nest egg for the daughter—nifty advice for a mother facing the challenges of a spoilt child now out in the real world.

And then comes the poignant note from tlf555, stressing the ESH (Everyone Sucks Here) viewpoint, pointing fingers at two parents who could’ve done better and painting a scenario where co-parenting fell through, resulting in the young woman’s troubling attitude towards life and independence.

The Harshness of Life and the Stumble Towards Adulthood

The narrative unfolding from the Reddit post serves as a modern-day parable highlighting the harshness of life, particularly when the cushion of indulgence is snatched away. The mother stands her ground, bearing the grudge of a daughter who pronounced her “no longer a mother,” having to navigate the fine line between open-armed acceptance and teaching a necessary life lesson.

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