A Kind Couple Rescues Fearful Senior Beagle, Welcomes Her into Loving Home

Adri and her partner discovered a frightened Beagle while driving home in Georgia. Compelled by compassion, they immediately stopped and took the scared pup into their loving care.

Once the sweet pooch was in their arms, they knew they had to help her feel safe. Adopting her into their family, they embarked on a journey to win her trust and introduce her to their other rescue dogs.

Key Takeaways

  • A couple found a scared Beagle on the roadside and took her home
  • They worked tirelessly to gain the pup’s trust and love
  • Introducing her to other rescue dogs, the Beagle eventually felt safe

Trying To Win Mocha’s Heart

Mocha, a terrified stray dog, couldn’t look her rescuers in the eyes. She hid under cabinets and kept her tail tucked between her legs. It was evident she wasn’t used to being inside a house or interacting with humans. The loving couple, Adri and her partner, did everything they could to win her trust, even hand-feeding her.

They named the sweet pooch Mocha and continued working patiently to earn her affection. Worried that Mocha might have left puppies behind, they took her back to where they found her. They searched the area but found no sign of any puppies.

It was a heartbreaking realization for the couple: Mocha’s owners must have abandoned her after she gave birth. Despite this, they remained committed to succeeding in winning Mocha’s heart and providing her with a loving forever home.

Introducing Her To The Other Rescue Dogs

Introducing Her To The Other Rescue Dogs

Mocha met the other rescue dogs and it improved her life. The friendly pups taught her how to be a real dog. They played together outside, making her feel welcome.

Adri tried to connect with Mocha through a glass patio door. At first, Mocha was scared, but she began getting closer when Adri called her. Mocha felt safer this way.

However, Mocha would still run if Adri opened the door. Slowly, Adri reached her hand out, and Mocha responded with gentle kisses. This beautiful moment marked the beginning of their bonding.

Mocha Finally Feels Safe

Mocha Finally Feels Safe

After four weeks, Mocha finally approached Adri and sat with her. This marked a turning point in their relationship, as it was the first time Mocha had willingly come close without any treats in sight. Adri could see the fear in Mocha’s eyes, but they remained by each other’s side.

Adri and her partner continued to shower Mocha with love, which ultimately led to the disappearance of her fears. Soon, Mocha began climbing onto their laps and allowing them to pet her, showcasing the incredible progress they had made together.

Because of their love and patience

Initially, the couple intended to find Mocha a loving and forever home elsewhere. However, over time it became clear that Mocha was already home – right there, with Adri and her partner in Georgia.

The story of Mocha and her family highlights the power of compassion, love, and patience. Today, a once frightened pup enjoys the happy home and life she has always deserved, surrounded by those who truly care for her.