Dog Dumped For Having Allergies Fosters Kittens Like A Doting Mama

Allergy-Ridden Dog Finds Joy in Fostering Kittens, Warms Hearts

So, my friend Janelle tells me about Rocky, this super adorable rescue dog. Get this: his old owners gave him up because of his allergies, but that didn’t stop Janelle from taking him in. Now, Rocky isn’t just a pet; he’s like the most loving foster parent to kittens!


Janelle stumbled upon Rocky’s picture on Instagram, posted by the Rhode Island SPCA. She saw him and just knew they were meant to be. Once Rocky settled into his new home, he turned into a real sweetheart, especially with Janelle’s foster kittens.

This dog, you won’t believe it, he’s so gentle with over 20 kittens Janelle has fostered. He plays with them, snuggles, and just showers them with love. Seeing Rocky with those kittens is enough to melt your heart.


And you know what’s cool? Rocky’s breaking all those myths about his breed. People often think dogs like him are aggressive, but he’s all about love and kindness.

Despite his allergies, Janelle and a holistic vet have got it all under control. No more commercial food for Rocky, and his allergies are well-managed. He’s got these expressive ears and tiny teeth that just make him even more lovable.


Since Rocky joined in 2019, Janelle hasn’t gone on a vacation without him. He’s made their family whole, and they can’t imagine life without him. Rocky’s story is a classic case of not judging a book by its cover – the love he gives is beyond words.

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