Arborist Finds Surprise in Fallen Tree Trunk - Two Baby Lorikeets Get a Second Chance

Arborist Finds Surprise in Fallen Tree Trunk – Two Baby Lorikeets Get a Second Chance

Recently, in Australia, an arborist was called to the scene after a storm toppled a massive tree, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. As they worked to remove the fallen tree trunk, something caught their eye – a peculiar, fuzzy lump concealed beneath the shattered wood.

Stooping down to get a closer look, the arborist’s heart skipped a beat. What they had discovered were two baby lorikeets, vulnerable and abandoned, their nest obliterated by the fierce storm.

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, the arborist swiftly reached out to WIRES Wildlife Rescue, an organization renowned for its dedication to saving Australia’s unique wildlife. Responding promptly, two WIRES rescuers arrived at the scene with a well-thought-out plan.

“It is rare to have this situation,” explained a WIRES representative. “Normally, the entire tree would collapse during a storm. These two chicks were incredibly fortunate that the arborist spotted them and called us for help. Left exposed to the elements, their chances of survival were slim, but we had the perfect solution in mind.”

The rescuers crafted a wooden nesting box to mimic the security of their lost nest and carefully placed it in the same tree where the old nest had once been. Gently, they transferred the displaced chicks into their new shelter. Night after night, the devoted rescuers returned to feed the chicks, tenderly syringing nourishment into their tiny beaks.

“The chicks were remarkably accepting and calm during these feeding sessions,” shared the WIRES representative.

Then, one evening, as the rescuers returned for their routine feeding, a heartwarming surprise awaited them. The lorikeet parents had made their triumphant return.

“[T]hey were overjoyed when they saw a parent bird pop its head out and knew at that moment that they had achieved a successful reunite, which is always the best outcome for any chick or fledgling,” the WIRES representative said.

In a beautiful display of nature’s resilience, the lorikeet parents immediately took charge, feeding their chicks and ensuring their well-being.

According to WIRES, reuniting lorikeet chicks with their parents is always the preferred outcome, allowing them to learn essential skills in their natural environment. It’s a testament to the dedication of wildlife rescuers who strive to protect and nurture Australia’s incredible wildlife.

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