what does mean on bumble

What Does “Mean” on Bumble?

Welcome to Bumble, a popular dating application known for its user-friendly interface and innovative features. As a Bumble user, you may have come across various symbols and icons while navigating the app. These symbols can sometimes be confusing, especially for new users, but understanding their meaning is essential for making the most of Bumble’s features …

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is bumble down today

Is Bumble Down Today?

If you’re a Bumble user, you may have experienced some intermittent issues accessing the platform. has been encountering occasional service outages, affecting users’ ability to use the app as usual. Some users have reported slow performance, while others have been unable to access the site altogether. These intermittent issues could be due to various …

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does bumble show last active

Does Bumble Show Last Active?

In the realm of online dating, Bumble has emerged as a popular platform that empowers women to take the lead in initiating conversations. However, one question that often arises is whether Bumble shows the last active status of its users. This can be crucial information for individuals seeking to gauge the interest and availability of …

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