Do Guys like When You Send Them Memes

Do Guys like When You Send Them Memes?

So, you like this guy, and he seems to like you too.

With so many people loving memes nowadays, I’m sure you have tried sending at least one by now.

But the question is, does he really like memes?

Do guys like it when you send them memes? Most guys like their girl sending them memes because it shows that they think about them. Guys think memes are a fun way to lighten up a conversation. So, go ahead and send him those memes!

However, not all guys enjoy getting memes.

And even if your guy likes memes, you have to choose the right kind, or else you might end single!

9 Reasons Guys Love Receiving Memes

Do Guys like When You Send Them Memes

1. Guys don’t have the “gift of gab” when it comes to talking about feelings

Memes are a great way to communicate with your guy.

You don’t have to worry about what you say, because it’s not “serious.”

The right memes can help you ease into more serious conversations later.

2. They give your guy a healthy laugh

Guys love sending memes, but they mostly LOVE receiving them from a girl they’re into.

Sending your guy a meme will make him feel like you’re confident and comfortable enough to share that side of you without worrying about being embarrassed.

On the flip side, it also shows him that you are secure with yourself enough to handle his “dank” memes without being phased.

Memes are a great way to connect with your guy on an emotional level, and not just a physical one.

3. Memes are a great way to flirt

We all know that flirting is an important part of a healthy relationship.

It shows your guy that you’re not afraid to be a little flirty.

And yes, you can flirt using memes.

4. It’s a subtle way for you to express your feelings without actually saying it

Guys love knowing that their girl is thinking about them.

Using memes to communicate your feelings is a great way to show your guy you care!

5. Some guys might be a little shy

When a guy is interested in you, they might become shy.

Memes are a great way to make a shy guy feel comfortable enough to open up.

6. Your guy will be less stressed out

We all know that stressful days happen to everyone.

If your guy is stressed out and needs a little cheering up, send him some memes!

He’ll be happier and less stressed, which means you’re winning.

7. It’s a way for him to know that you’re thinking about him

Let’s face it: we all love knowing that someone is thinking about us, and so does your guy.

Memes are a great way to let him know that he’s on your mind.

The cute and funny memes will make him smile and feel even better about you!

8. You can turn a complicated conversation into a lighter one with the help of memes

Some conversations can be hard to have, especially with an awkward or shy guy.

A great way to make the conversation simpler is by using memes!

9. Some guys just get a kick out of memes

So you might as well send them some funny ones!

What does it mean when your crush sends you Memes?

If your crush sends you memes it’s a sign he’s comfortable around you.

Your crush might not be ready to say it in person yet, so memes are a great way for him to show it.

Memes are a great way to “test the waters” when it comes to your crush.

If you get a meme, that means he’s probably crushing on you too!

When to Stop Sending Memes to Your Crush?

Now that we know what guys think about when they get memes from us, let’s talk about when to stop sending them memes.

As you know, not all guys enjoy getting memes.

If your guy keeps asking you to stop sending him memes, it’s probably not the best idea.

He might be trying to get your attention in a different way, but memes aren’t it.

What you should do is try talking to your crush and see how he really feels.

Maybe he doesn’t like memes at all, or maybe he just gets tired of them after a while.

If you’re still trying to figure out what he likes, then maybe it’s better to ask him in person or through a text message.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it!

Now you know if he’s thinking about you or not when the meme arrives in the chatbox.

Memes are a great way to reach out to your crush and may even help you start a conversation that might have been difficult otherwise.

You can keep sending memes if they’re something your crush enjoys.

But if you’re getting hints from him that he’s not a fan, then it might be time to cut back.