Shelter Dog Didn’t Want To Be Different So He Gave His Plushy A Makeover

Dog Loses Ear, Gives His Toy the Same Look, and Steals Hearts

Hey, let me tell you about Bruno, this super sweet Pit Bull who ended up at the SPCA shelter. He had a tough time – another dog attacked him, and he lost an ear. But, you know what? He’s still the most loving dog you could meet.


So, a shelter worker gave Bruno this stuffed dog to keep him company. And here’s the heartwarming part: Bruno gave his new plushy friend a little makeover. He tore off the toy’s ear – the same ear he lost – like he didn’t want to be different all by himself.


When Levi saw Bruno’s story online, he just knew he had to meet him. Seeing Bruno with his one-eared stuffed pal was all it took. The moment Bruno met Levi, he came running, his plushy in tow, tail wagging like crazy. Despite his rough past, Bruno was ready to leave it all behind and start fresh.

Now, Bruno’s living his best life with Levi. He loves going to the dog park, and even though some people might judge him at first because of his breed, they soon change their minds when they see his charming, one-eared self. We’re so thrilled Bruno found his perfect match. To see Bruno and his adorable matching plushy, don’t forget to check out the video below.

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