Lost Dog Living By The Road For 13 Months Reunites With Her Owner

Lost Dog Living By The Road For 13 Months Reunites With Her Owner

Cindy Nash, founder of the Texas-based animal shelter Nicolas’ Pet Haven, received a plea for help when a concerned woman reached out about a vulnerable pup. Living across a major road near a cemetery, the woman noticed a little dog bravely residing by the roadside for a year.

“There is a little dog who has also been living by the road.”

However, as the dog grew increasingly courageous, concerns arose about her safety, prompting the woman to seek Cindy’s assistance in rescuing the pup before potential danger ensued. Both these compassionate individuals sought to ensure the wellbeing of the young canine, shining a light on the importance of empathy and action in our world.

Rescue Mission

A rescue group immediately took action to search for the lost pup. As they set up traps, they met Dr. Harshivinderjit S. Bains, who had been keeping an eye on Truvy.

“He told me he really loves that dog and wanted to take her home. She had been living inside his clinic as it was being built and managed to stay there all last winter when it was so cold. He provided her with bedding, food and water for a year but could never touch her,” said Cindy.

During the day, Cindy returned to the traps and found Truvy patiently waiting to be rescued. She decided to bring the dog to her home, unsure of how she would react. Upon opening the cage, Truvy ran straight into Cindy’s lap.

“She was so happy to be saved, and it melted my heart.”

Cindy gave Truvy a much-needed bath since she was covered in sticker burrs, which the dog happily accepted.

The next day, they visited the vet for a checkup. The vet discovered that Truvy was microchipped, providing crucial information about her past.

This heartwarming rescue story showcases the power of compassion and the importance of giving animals a second chance.


Thrilled by the discovery, she immediately contacted the family who had been desperately searching for Truvy since her escape. They didn’t realize how small Truvy was when they moved to Texas and let her into their new yard. The tiny dog managed to squeeze herself through the iron fence and began her incredible journey.

“We immediately canvassed the neighborhood, on foot and in cars. For the next few months I drove, searching for her. I also emailed all the vet clinics, shelters and rescue groups within 60 miles in case she was picked up by someone that wasn’t local,” said Amy Logan, Truvy’s mom.

Astoundingly, Truvy had been missing for nearly 13 months before she met her savior, Cindy. Thankfully, Amy made sure to keep Truvy’s microchip up to date, allowing the reunion to become possible.

The family was overwhelmed with joy knowing that their beloved pet, who had been living on the cold street for all this time, was finally found. The next day, Cindy took Truvy back to Amy, completing the heartwarming reunion.

“It took her a minute to figure out that it was her mom. By the time they got her home, she was settling down and knew she was home safe and sound. She was just one lucky little girl,” said Cindy.

Final Word

Dr. Bains felt sadness when unable to provide Truvy with a warm home, but joy filled his heart when she returned to her rightful place. Amy, on the other hand, is immensely grateful to Dr. Bains for keeping her beloved pup safe in dangerous conditions.

“I can’t even put into words how grateful I am.”

This tale is a reminder to never lose hope and to always microchip your dog. With perseverance and proper identification, our furry friends can find their way back home.