Dog Flees House To Aid ‘Creature’ With Nose Barely Above Lake Water

Dog Flees House To Aid ‘Creature’ With Nose Barely Above Lake Water

On a beautiful sunny day, Ralph, a loving dog dad, experienced an unforgettable and heartwarming moment when he found his retired therapy dog, Harley, acting as a guardian angel. While looking for his beloved pet, Ralph discovered Harley near the lake, swimming with an unexpected companion: a fragile fawn struggling to stay afloat.

Displaying his innate sense of compassion, Harley had noticed the fawn in distress and couldn’t stand idly by while the young animal needed help. “Harley’s unwavering determination and the fawn’s survival instincts prevailed,” as he gently guided the tiny fawn towards the safety of the shore, showing us the power of kindness and the incredible bond between animals.


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In the midst of the lake, he was clinging to life with all his might. As the video shows, the dog spotted him and quickly swam to his aid. With sheer determination, the dog provided invaluable support that saved the man’s life in those critical moments.

“I couldn’t believe what I was seeing,” said one witness.

The video serves as a powerful reminder of the love and compassion that our canine companions display, even during the most turbulent of times. By sharing this story, we can inspire others to appreciate and cherish the extraordinary bond between humans and dogs.