With Owner Gone, His Two Heartbroken Dogs Had No Idea How To Move On

With Owner Gone, His Two Heartbroken Dogs Had No Idea How To Move On

Animals, much like humans, deeply feel the loss of their loved ones. In Nuevo, California, a heartrending example of this grief was observed when two dogs faced the heartbreaking loss of their owner due to a prolonged illness. The duo was found clinging to each other on a couch, embodying the image of sorrow, as they mourned in the silence of the home they once shared with their human.

In their moment of need, compassion and care came in the form of a rescue team determined to help these forlorn canines. The rescuers provided the gentle guidance and affection the dogs desperately needed, shining a light of hope onto their path of recovery. Their actions remind us of the profound impact kindness can have on those who are suffering.

A Sorrowful Sight

In a small house two hours outside of Los Angeles, a pair of dogs, Debby and Gidget, huddled together on a couch. These two canines were left to fend for themselves after their owner’s untimely passing. Doreen, a kind neighbor, recognized their plight but faced an obstacle; the dogs’ severe anxiety and skittishness kept them from accepting her aid.

Despite her efforts, providing food and treats, Debby and Gidget only dared to emerge in her absence. When Katie McKittrick and Alex Babcock, members of Hope For Paws, were informed, they understood that such behavior was to be expected from animals in shock and grief.

Upon arrival, the rescuers were met with the disheartening sight of the two dogs paralyzed by fear. With a slow and empathetic approach, Katie managed to secure them gently with a snare. The dogs, undoubtedly terrified, were then carefully placed in separate crates for transportation.

As the rescuers prepared to leave, Doreen’s relief was palpable.

“Doreen was so grateful to the kind team for showing up at the right moment.”

Their journey from a sorrowful sight to a beacon of hope was not an easy one. However, it was a necessary step to ensure that Debby and Gidget could start a new chapter in their lives—with the chance to heal and maybe, one day, to trust again.

Learning How To Trust Again

During their foster care period with L A Animal Rescue, Debby and Gidget, both initially hesitant, gradually embraced human interaction. Debby clung to her sister for comfort, while Gidget emerged as the confident leader.

“Gidget is the more protective of the pair. She is the leader of the pack and likes to take charge. She is more vocal and hands on. She is very sweet and affectionate and loves to give kisses and cuddle once she gets to know you,”

Their time in foster care unveiled their affectionate nature, transforming them into lovebugs, suggesting they were prepared for a more permanent family life.

Their journey signifies not just recovery but also the resilience of trust. Gidget and Debby’s turnaround from fearful to affectionate serves as a testament to the healing power of patience and love. When the right moment arrives, they’re destined to spread joy in their forever homes.