Family Was Planning On Using The Pool, But They Found It Was Already Occupied

Family Captures Bears Cooling Off in Their Backyard

You’ve got to hear about the Basso family’s wild summer day in Rockaway Township, New Jersey. Imagine planning a relaxing day by your pool and then finding a whole family of black bears already there, having the time of their lives!


So, the Bassos head out to their backyard and there they are – a mama bear and her five cubs, all splashing around in the pool. The cubs are wrestling and playing with the pool toys while mama bear chills out in the water like it’s the most normal thing in the world.


The best part? You can hear the Basso family’s reactions in the background. Their kid is super excited at first, but then she’s kinda worried about her floaties being “stolen” by the bear cubs. And the dad? He’s a bit concerned about the pool getting damaged. But the mom is just loving this unexpected bear visit.


There’s a moment of panic, though, when the mama bear starts messing with the pool’s electric pump – yikes! But don’t worry, everything turned out okay, and everyone was safe.

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