Dog That Helped Mom Escape Abusive Relationship Gets ‘Ultimate Reward’

Dog That Helped Mom Escape Abusive Relationship Gets ‘Ultimate Reward’

Meet Fenway, a lovable dog with a heartwarming story and a love for Christmas that is truly contagious. His excitement on Christmas morning is impossible not to smile at, with his tail constantly wagging as he explores his presents.

Fenway’s passion for the festive season extends to relishing Christmas lights and never missing the annual parade, making it the perfect time to celebrate the unbreakable bond between this spirited pup and his mom, Kristin.

Adopted by Kristin in 2014, Fenway provided her with unwavering support and companionship as she navigated her way out of an abusive relationship. He became the driving force that helped Kristin break free and find a safe place to live. When Fenway was diagnosed with a severe illness called Blastomycosis in 2017, Kristin made it her mission to give him the best Christmas ever, a tradition that continues to this day. This year, she took it a step further, bringing Santa Claus himself to visit Fenway, creating an unforgettable, magical experience for them both.

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Pittie obsessed with Santa gets the ultimate surprise.