Isolated Horse That Waited A Lifetime For A Friend Finds Her Soulmate

Gidget the Lonely Horse Finds Love with Mini Horse Peggy

You’ve got to hear about Gidget, this senior horse who spent way too long all by herself. For over a decade, she didn’t see another soul, just living with her elderly owner who could barely manage to feed her.


Then came Mockingbird Farm Sanctuary, run by the sweetest lady, Jonell. She heard about Gidget, who was 29 at the time, and knew she had to help. When Gidget first arrived at the sanctuary, it was like she was seeing the world for the first time. Her eyes just sparkled at the sight of other animals and humans!


Everyone thought Gidget would buddy up with the other horses, but guess what? She found her soulmate in Peggy, this adorable mini horse who had also known loneliness. Jonell says Gidget would actually purr whenever Peggy was around. It’s like they were meant to be together.


Jonell knew Gidget didn’t have a lot of time left, so she made sure every day was special. And Peggy was right there with her. There’s this really touching video about them by GeoBeats – you’ve got to see it.

Check out their story and get ready for some feels!