Guy's Best Friend is a Giant Wolf, and They're Inseparable

Guy and His Giant Wolf Play Like They’re Brothers

Stephanie Maguire’s got this story on March 29, 2023, that you’ve just gotta hear about. It’s not your everyday pet tale, believe me.

So there’s this dude, Andrey, right? And get this – he’s living with a massive black wolf named Akela. They’re not just chilling together; they’re playing like Akela’s a big, fluffy puppy. It’s wild!

Andrey’s been sharing videos of them hanging out, and one of them blew up big time. You’ve probably seen it around.


These black wolves, they’re actually a special kind of gray wolf. Super rare, their dark coats come from a unique genetic twist. Pretty cool, huh?

Usually, wolves and humans don’t mix much. Wolves are pretty cautious around us. But Akela and Andrey? They’re like two peas in a pod. Akela’s been with Andrey since he was just a pup, and their connection is something out of a storybook.


The video that went viral? It starts off with Andrey and Akela in a selfie. Akela’s eyes are just mesmerizing, and that dark coat is stunning. He’s sniffing Andrey, playfully nipping his ear, and even climbing on his back like they’re messing around in the yard. Akela’s got this playful, affectionate side that’s just heart-melting.

Andrey and Akela keep the fun going. There’s a lot of licks, nips, and Akela’s even jumping on Andrey’s back for more. It’s like watching two brothers roughhousing, except one’s a giant wolf!

Akela’s a big boy, and his play is definitely on the wild side. But Andrey’s right there with him, part of his pack. You can tell these two share a bond that’s deep and genuine.

Andrey’s gone all out for Akela. He even started a fundraiser to make sure Akela has everything he needs to be happy and healthy.

If you want to see more of their incredible bond, check out the video below. And hey, Andrey’s got more of this amazing wolf content on his Instagram and YouTube channel.