His Heart Ached So Much After Family Dumped Him, Shuts Himself Down And Cried All Day

Heartbroken Dog Finds Hope with New Family After Tough Goodbye

Hey, have you heard about Ritter? He’s this adorable 4-year-old American Bulldog from Indiana. Poor guy had a rough time recently. His family, going through some tough times, had to give him up to the Humane Society in Hamilton County, Indiana.

Photo Credit: Humane Society for Hamilton County, Indiana/Facebook)

I saw this picture of Ritter online, and it just breaks your heart. You can tell he’s missing his family big time. He’s in this shelter, which he’s not used to, and it’s like he’s lost all hope, you know? Just looking at him, with his head down, avoiding eye contact, you can feel his sadness.

Photo Credit: Humane Society for Hamilton County, Indiana/Facebook)

But here’s the happy twist! Ritter’s story is taking a turn for the better. This amazing family came forward to adopt him! They’re all about giving him the love and care he needs to mend his broken heart. It’s like he’s getting a fresh start to feel loved and safe again. Good luck, Ritter, you deserve all the happiness!

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