Town Refuses To Help Poor Eagle Hanging From A Tree, So Army Veteran Steps In

Heroic Veteran Saves Eagle Dangling from Tree in Daring Rescue

So, check this out – there’s this bald eagle, right? Stuck 70 feet up in a tree in Rush City, Minnesota. It’s been there for over two days, and people are just walking by, some thinking it’s already gone. But then, Jason Galvin, this army vet, he sees the eagle and knows he’s gotta do something.


Jason spends hours trying to spot the eagle with binoculars and finally sees it’s still alive. He decides to use his rifle training to free the bird. Some neighbors are telling him not to, worried about safety and all, but Jason’s not backing down.

It’s a hot day, and Jason’s at the base of this tree, rifle in hand, aiming at the branch where the eagle’s caught. He fires over 150 shots, and then, bam, one shot hits just right, and the branch breaks, letting the eagle fall safely to the ground.


The eagle gets taken to a local rescue center for care. And Jason? He names her “Freedom,” fitting for a rescue over the 4th of July weekend. They’re planning to release her back into the wild once she’s all good to go. What a story, right? Jason’s a true hero!

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