How to Get Your Boyfriend's Hoodie

How to Get Your Boyfriend’s Hoodie (Easily)

If you want to get your hands on your boyfriend’s hoodie, the first thing you could try is to ask him for it. It’s the least offensive way to ask for what you want, but if you need a bit more oomph, you can try some of the more direct ways.

It’s helpful to know that direct or aggressive communication is more likely to get results when you’re asking your boyfriend for his hoodie.

So, if you ask him for his hoodie in a more direct way, you might say: “(boyfriend’s name) I would like to borrow your hoodie. I would like it if you gave it to me.”

How to Get Your Boyfriend’s Hoodie

So, let’s go over the ways you can get your boyfriend’s hoodie easily.

Ask Him For It

How to Get Your Boyfriend's Hoodie

Asking is something you can always try, but it can be a bit risky.

While he might give you what you want, he might also get mad and say no.

In those cases, your boyfriend is likely to think you’re just asking because he has nice things and that you don’t respect him.

If you want to ask for his hoodie, say something like: “I would love it if you gave me your hoodie. I really want to wear it.”

Notice how there is no manipulation or hint of an ultimatum. This will make him more likely to give you the hoodie without getting offended or angry at you.

Give Him An Excuse To Give You His Hoodie

How to Get Your Boyfriend's Hoodie

You could try one of these:

  • “Can I borrow your hoodie?”
  • “Hey, can I have that hoodie?”
  • “I want to use your hoodie to sweat in.”
  • “I’m going to try out this new gym.”
  • “My gym’s closed, and I need to work out.”

By giving him an excuse, you’re not directly asking him for his hoodie.

“Hey, can I have your hoodie?” sounds too direct and aggressive. He might get defensive and refuse.

“I want to use your hoodie because it reminds me of you and makes me feel comfortable.” and “I want to wear your hoodie because it smells like you,” are long-winded ways of asking for his hoodie without asking directly.

While they sound nice, these justifications can come off as manipulative to some people.

If you can’t think of a good excuse, try a combination of direct and indirect ways.

Say You Miss Him

Even if you don’t miss him, this approach works well because it speaks to his emotions. Telling your guy how much you miss him is a sure-fire way to get any guy to do what you want. It doesn’t even have to be true!

Just tell him: “I haven’t seen you in a while. Can I borrow your hoodie? It would really make me feel like you’re here with me.”

This isn’t manipulation, it’s just reminding him that you are in love. And if he is in love with you too, he won’t be able to resist giving his hoodie away for free.

Make Him Feel Good About It

If you want to make him feel good, say something like: “I would love it if you gave me your hoodie. I really want to wear something that smells like you.”

This will trigger his emotions and make him more likely to give you what you want.

For example, if he likes the idea of you smelling like him, then he’s more likely to say “Yes” without thinking about it too much.

If you are saying that you would love it if he gave his hoodie, this will make him feel good because you care about how he feels. He will understand that giving his hoodie to you will not make him lose anything.

Instead, it will make him feel like a provider and that he is loved. He’ll think: “I’m getting something out of giving her my hoodie because she likes the way I smell!”

And there’s no downside to having your boyfriend give you his hoodie.

Make Him Feel Guilty

Give him a guilt trip. Tell him that if he doesn’t give you his hoodie, you’ll be sad or angry for a bit. You can even exaggerate by saying something like: “If you don’t give me your hoodie, I will cry about it all day.”

This might make him feel bad about himself. He might be afraid that you won’t love him if he denies you, so he might give in and give his hoodie to you.

Use A Combination Of Methods

Combining techniques is a surefire way to get what you want from your boyfriend. You can combine the methods above or try some of your own.

For instance, you could say: “I would love it if you gave me your hoodie. I really want to wear something that smells like you while I’m working out.”

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you found this article useful.

It’s not very difficult to get a guy to give you his hoodie because guys love giving their girlfriends stuff.

They will even give up their hoodies if they really want to keep you around to smell their scent on your body all day long.

So, tell him how much he means to you, and you’re likely to get his hoodie.