How to Get Your Crush's Number Without It Being Awkward

How to Get Your Crush’s Number Without It Being Awkward

When you have a crush on someone, the last thing you want is to be stumped by what to say or do next.

To avoid the awkwardness of asking for their number or any other contact information, consider these helpful tips for how to get your crush’s number without being too forward.

By following these simple steps you can have a phone conversation with them without feeling awkwardly ambiguous about it.

How to Get Your Crush’s Number Without It Being Awkward

1. Make Up An Excuse To Call Them

It doesn’t really matter what you say as long as you’re not being blatantly obvious about the fact that you want to talk to them.

Making up an excuse to call them or just grabbing a quick chat with them for a bit will enable you to get their number and then hopefully talk to them later on in a private setting.

2. Ask Them If You Can Use Their Phone Or Ask To See Their Phone

If you want to get your crush’s number without it being awkward, this is perhaps the easiest way to go about it.

Just make sure not to seem like you’re already putting in some effort.

Just act casual and ask if you can use their phone or if they’ll show you what’s on their phone for a bit. You can then get their number that way.

3. Ask Them To Text You

Another way to get your crush’s number without having to ask for it or indicate that you want it is to ask them to text you.

Just act casual and ask if they’ll text you, and no pressure to add your number, and then you can add it in case they don’t.

4. Ask For The Number Of A Friend Or Someone Else You Know Who Knows Them And Get The Number From Them

This is another way to get your crush’s number without having to ask for it, but it might be a bit easier than the others.

Just ask a friend to get their number for you and then it’ll be a bit easier to talk to them later on since you know someone who does.

5. Just Ask For Their Number Outright

If you’re not really one for beating around the bush, just ask for their number outright.

It’s not as if telling someone you want their number is bad or anything, so if this feels better for you then go ahead and cut the chase and ask for it directly.

6. Ask For Another Number You Might Want To Make Contact With Later On

If you want to get their number without having to ask for it, you can always ask for another number.

This way, the one person who gives them their number might also give you their number later on if they realize that they can trust you enough to give it to you later.

How to Get Your Crush’s Number Without Being Obvious

Now, let’s talk about how to get your crush’s number without it being obvious.

So you say that you want to get the phone number of the person you like, but are afraid, what would they say?

They might be like “What? I’m not giving it to you!” or “No way!” or they might just ignore you.

But let me tell you this; don’t be afraid to just go up and ask, they will probably say yes!

So, for example, you could say something like “Hiiiii! I haven’t seen you in a while. I was wondering if you would give me your number?”

They might say ” sure”, but they might also say ” no way” or even just ignore you, but you have to keep trying.

Show That You Are A Normal Person!

Well, first of all, you have to realize that they are not crazy about you.

So if they say no, keep trying different things until they say yes!

Remember to always be nice and kind.

Say ” Haha, I’m just joking! No need to be so rude”, or something like that so they’ll see your smiling face.

You might still get rejected by them, but just keep on trying.

Don’t Be Shy, Just Go!

It’s okay to ask them for their number.

But remember that if they say no, that doesn’t mean that you should stop your crush’s feelings for them.

I know that you will be like “But why?” and “I was trying!” but It’s okay to try and try again.

Just pick yourself up and keep trying to get that number.

Always Be Kind

Do you know why?

Because it makes you feel nice and it makes other people feel nice too.

It’s okay to be kind, but not okay to be rude, so always be kind and it will get you places!

You know that girl that, “you wanted her number,” but then, “you asked her and she rejected you,” and then,” she just walked away”?

Yeah, she didn’t want you to get her number because maybe she thought that you were a jerk or something like that.

Final Thoughts

So, in this article, you learned how to get your crush’s number without being awkward or obvious.

Just remember to be kind, smile, be nice and just go up to them and ask!

If they say no, then that’s okay too. Keep trying, just forget about what they said.

If you follow these steps, you should be able to get your crush’s number in no time.