How to Not Be Dry on Snapchat

How to Not Be Dry on Snapchat: Don’t Be A Dry Snapper

One of the worst things you can be on Snapchat is dry.

Dry is the complete opposite of interesting, it shows that you lack a sense of humor and it makes you more boring than watching paint dry.

So it’s time you learned how to not be dry on Snapchat and get interesting.

I was once where you are, wondering how people manage to make their Snapchats entertaining while mine is the same every time.

If you are one of those people wondering how to not be a dry Snapper then this guide is for you.

I’m going to explain all the tricks and hacks I used to make my Snapchats way more interesting.

How to Not Be Dry on Snapchat

How to Not Be Dry on Snapchat

Rule 1: Make It Personal

The first rule of being interesting is to be yourself.

Everyone is different, so your Snapchats should reflect that with your own unique flair.

Every time you start snapping, ask yourself: “What would I find interesting?” or “What do my friends like to see?” and use that as inspiration for what you’re going to send or post.

This will separate you from the other Snappers who Snap the same things every time and will set you apart from everyone else.

Rule 2: Show Some Emotion

One of the best ways to get people’s attention is to show some emotion while snapping.

Everyone loves a good laugh or a kind smile, so show your friends how you feel.

It will make people more invested in what you’re saying, and often lead to them wanting to know more about what’s going on.

Here are some ways to get started:

Smile – Be happy while you Snap! It’ll help put others into a good mood too.

Laugh – Laughing is contagious! Make sure everyone knows you’re having fun.

Anger – Be angry! Snap how angry you are over what’s going on in your life right now to let others know how you feel.

Tears – It’s okay to be sad! If something’s wrong, let your friends know that you’re not okay by Snapchatting a tear. It may even spark an interesting conversation from there.

Distress – Distress is powerful! Distress is another way to get people to ask what’s going on and be given the opportunity for others to help you solve whatever problem it is that you’re going through.

Rule 3: Avoid Snapping the Same Things as Everyone Else

Another way to be interesting is to avoid snapping things that you know everyone else snaps too.

It’s time to try something new!

If you have a friend who always sends the same Snap every time, take it from them and be different.

I’m sure you think that person is dry, so why would you send the same thing as them?

Whether that’s editing your Snaps, using filters, or sending Snaps of things you wouldn’t normally send, do it while you can and while there’s no one around.

Everyone knows what a bedroom looks like and if someone’s making the same face as any other person, so why would anyone find that interesting?

Be yourself and be different than everyone else!

Rule 4: Get Creative with Your Snaps

Another way to be interesting on Snapchat is to get creative with your Snaps.

Above I went over a few ideas, but it’s time to take what you have and put a spin on them.

They’re just suggestions in the end, so why not try your own ideas?

If you’re an artist, try drawing a picture and sending it to people.

If you’re a musician, send some of your music to people instead of just yourself being in the background.

Or if you’re funny, then tell some jokes!

There are so many possibilities that there’s no harm in trying something new.

Just remember that what you send should be interesting and it shouldn’t annoy your friends.

If they can relate, then great!

If not, then don’t bother sending it again.

Every snap is an opportunity for something new.

Just make sure you put a spin on what you’re doing before trying to make it as interesting as possible.

This is a great way to stop being a dry Snapper on Snapchat!

Rule 5: Have a Signature Snap

A great way to be interesting is to have a signature Snap.

This means that you come up with something new and fun that people can expect from you every once in a while.

It’s like coming up with catchphrases, except it’s something even more unique than just saying “catchphrase here.” for example:

Maybe you could send Snaps that include a cool font, amazing graphics, or even your own drawings.

It’s time to be creative!

A signature Snap will definitely put you ahead of the other Snappers who aren’t as unique as you are.

And it’s okay if you want to change up your signature every now and again too.

Just make sure it doesn’t lose its effectiveness and that your friends still enjoy it if you do decide to change anything up.

Rule 6: Don’t be Dry with Filters

The last piece of advice I have for you is to not be dry with filters.

Filters can completely change the look and feel of a Snap and what you thought was going to be fun and interesting could end up dry and boring if you don’t put a spin on it.

There is literally not one filter that will make your Snap more interesting than anyone else’s, so why bother using the same ones as everyone else?

Be creative with what you’re adding – even if that only includes the speed of the animation!

Just make sure you don’t make it too fast.

Remember to let your Snapchat friends catch up to what’s going on before they lose interest.

This is another great way to stop being dry on Snapchat!

Final Thoughts

And that’s how you can avoid being dry on Snapchat!

Snapchat doesn’t have to be as hard as people make it out to be, and there is enough variety in your toolbox for you to never run out of ideas.

The most important thing is having fun with it and enjoying yourself while reaching out to other people on the platform.

So whether that means trying something new, cutting up your Snap salvaged from an after-party into a funny story, or being creative with filters – have fun with it!

And remember that this is just a guideline to help you out when you need some inspiration on Snapchat.

So don’t be afraid to go outside of the lines and try something new!