“Idiot Fails To Yield ROW And Almost Causes A Crash”

Traffic incidents often spark heated debates on who’s to blame, but when a Reddit user posts a video claiming another driver’s mistake nearly caused an accident, the community weighs in with their own judgments.

Here’s what happened:

People were quick to share their thoughts:

WendyA1 pointed out a critical detail:

“48 in a 35, coming up on a work zone, seeing this driver turning from 100 yards, yet you didn’t slow at all until you were on top of the turning car. You’re the idiot in this scenario.”

xidifen recognized a familiar theme:

“Been wondering when the next idiot pov would be posted.”

wheezy1749 considered the subreddit’s content trend:

“90% of this sub is just people with dash cams causing unsafe scenarios because they’re simply just driving too fast.”

Nighthawk68w criticized the original poster’s (OP’s) driving decisions:

“If I was OP I would have just slowed down. This guy had ample time to slow down and avoid this, but they decided to record it and cause an incident.”

Traditional_Formal33 observed a pattern:

“It was the camping in the left lane that tipped me off on this one… OP could have prevented all of this.”

Kaotecc joked about a certain type of driver:

“It’s always the people that put wreaths or have reindeer antlers on their cars lmao.”

ajicles succinctly summarized the incident:

“Title should be ‘Idiot going 48 in a 35 almost crashes in construction zone.'”

ARGuck pointed to a missed opportunity:

“They likely checked left, saw they had enough time, checked right and WOULD’VE had enough time if you weren’t speeding so much.”

rem_1984 pinned the blame on the OP:

“Are you the driver? 47/50 mph in a 35, if you weren’t speeding this would have been fine.”

MrScant brought up the community’s shift in perspective:

“I love how this sub has become people intentionally causing these situations and outing themselves as idiots.”

poop_wiper_ drew attention to overlooked road signs:

“Speeding through the first ‘road work ahead’ and second ‘slow down’ sign.”

BE_pizza_man speculated on the OP’s motives:

“Yeah that looked entirely intentional. Tried to give people a scare for having the gall to not give OP right of way.”

Educational_Ant_2940 made a personal jab:

“I can tell you have a small penus by the way you drive.”

Desperate-Crab-4626 empathized with the other driver:

“I came here pissed at OP for not slowing down when that sedan had PLENTY of time/space to merge!”

Plato112358 acknowledged shared responsibility:

“He’s definitely an idiot for running the stop sign. 10 miles over the limit though you have to take some partial credit here too.”

Infinite-Luck4159 highlighted the potential for preventive measures:

“Imagine taking your foot off the gas for one second.”

What’s your thoughts on responsible driving in construction zones? Do you believe the OP was entirely at fault, or was there shared blame here? Be sure to visit the Facebook post and share your thoughts with us.