K-9 Recruit Adorably Naps Through His Swearing-In Ceremony and Wins Hearts

Being a K-9 puppy is no small feat, especially for the newest, sleepiest recruit, Brody.

Monday, April 6, 2020, marked a significant day for the Bristol Police Department in Rhode Island as they welcomed Brody into their ranks.

His swearing-in ceremony was a formal affair, signifying the start of his career.

But Brody had other plans.

The 12-week-old chocolate Labrador found the ceremony the perfect opportunity for a nap.

Officer Keith Medeiros, Brody’s partner, proudly stood in for the dozing pup.

Broadcast live on Facebook, the ceremony showcased Brody snoozing on the desk.

Police Chief Kevin Lynch praised the pup, who only woke briefly for photos.

Brody’s tendency to “play hard and sleep hard” has already endeared him to many.

The video of his nap went viral, with viewers charmed by his peaceful slumber.

“Get your rest now,” one commented, “your work is just starting.”

Chief Lynch expressed high hopes for Brody’s future as Bristol’s first Comfort and Therapy dog.

Donated by Boonefield Labradors, Brody’s role is to bring comfort to the community, visiting schools, nursing homes, and supporting those affected by crime.

His presence is meant to alleviate stress and anxiety, a mission that has become crucial during the Covid-19 period.

Officer Medeiros has observed the immediate impact Brody has when entering a room.

Smiles appear, spirits lift, and everyone wants to share a moment with him.

While Brody has big responsibilities ahead, his ability to bring joy is undeniable.

Those interested in following his journey can keep up with him on Instagram.

Welcome to the team, little officer Brody.

Here’s to years of service, filled with treats, belly rubs, and plenty of well-deserved naps.