K9 Officer Tommy Honored by Law Enforcement in Heart-Wrenching Farewell

K9 Tommy, a loyal German Shepherd, served the Ohio Department for seven years.

His partner, Officer Jeremy Berger, stood by him through countless missions.

But a battle with aggressive cancer meant saying goodbye.

Tommy’s pain was too much, and the tough choice was made.

Euthanization was the only option left.

Law enforcement from across Ohio gathered to honor him.

They lined up outside Blanchard Valley Veterinary Clinic.

Tommy was carried out draped in a flag, a hero to the end.

Officers and K9s stood in silence, a final salute to a fallen comrade.

Jeremy and his family faced a heart-wrenching farewell.

The radio crackled with a final call for Tommy.

“Faithful partner to 3280, rest well. Your watch has ended.”

Tears flowed as Ohio officers remembered Tommy’s dedication.

His service, his loyalty, his spirit will never be forgotten.

Rest in peace, Tommy.

You were more than a good boy; you were a true hero.