Lonely Dog Found Clinging to Life Beside a Trash Heap

Lonely Dog Found Clinging to Life Beside a Trash Heap

The Stray Rescue of St. Louis (SRSL) team faced a heart-wrenching scene during their patrol in Missouri. They stumbled upon a neglected dog lying beside an overflowing dumpster, covered in fallen leaves. The situation was more dire than it first appeared.

“We arrived to see a dog sprawled in trash, gazing at us,” the SRSL shared on Facebook. “She was bound to a dumpster with a cable, entangled in a nearby fence.”

The dog, trapped, had no escape. Her only refuge was the garbage pile she lay on, hoping for rescue.

Fortunately, Lochmann and her team were determined to free her. Initially, the dog reacted defensively to their approach.

Persistence paid off when Lochmann used Vienna sausages to slowly gain her trust. The dog, later named Snapple, eventually allowed the team to leash her and free her from the cable. Once liberated, her attitude softened, realizing her rescue was real.

Snapple was then brought to the shelter for a bath and medical check-up. With a clean bill of health, the focus shifted to building trust. “She’s been through so much and is still wary of us,” SRSL noted. “Our dedicated team is nurturing her to understand she will never face harm or abandonment again.”

Since her arrival at SRSL, Snapple’s personality is gradually emerging. She’s healing from her past trauma but still recovering emotionally. Now up for adoption, she has a safe haven at SRSL. “She’ll lower her guard in her own time,” SRSL stated. “We provide each dog the individual time they need to heal.”