Guy Installs Owl Nesting Box And Finds A Fluffy Intruder Inside

Man Installs Owl Box, Finds Unexpected Furry Tenant

Recently, Harry Saddler decided to put up a quaint nesting box in his garden, hoping it would be a haven for the local owls. He carefully mounted the small structure on a high tree, then returned to his home, eagerly looking forward to spotting his winged guests.

However, the first visitor to Saddler’s nesting box wasn’t quite what he expected – and they didn’t have feathers.

This visitor had circular paws and a bushy tail.


“When we set up these nest boxes, we never imagined attracting something like this,” Saddler shared on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Peering through his binoculars for a better view, Saddler’s initial fear was confirmed: A feline had taken up residence in the owl box.


As someone deeply passionate about birds, Saddler was instantly worried about the potential danger this cat might pose to the birds. Moreover, he had never seen this cat in his Melbourne suburb before, adding to his concern.

Saddler snapped a photo of the cat, comfortably nestled in the box, and posted it to a local community forum, in hopes of finding the cat’s owners.


Fortunately, the cat was being searched for. It turned out, the cat had a home and had simply lost its way.

“I’m delighted to report that this isn’t a stray or wandering cat, but an indoor cat that slipped out last night and couldn’t find its way back…” Saddler updated on X. “The cat’s owner came and retrieved him.”

Thanks to Saddler’s prompt action, the cat was spared another night lost in the wild. And now, Saddler’s favored birds have reclaimed their safe spot in his yard.

For Saddler, an ardent animal enthusiast, ensuring the safety and well-being of all creatures in his neighborhood brings unparalleled joy.