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Man Takes Injured Stray Dog on a Pet Store Spree, Buys All He Desires

Rocky Kanaka, known for his kind acts, recently embarked on a new mission. He took a stray dog named King, who had faced the harshness of life, to a pet store for a shopping spree like no other. King, who had been abandoned following a car accident which cost him his leg, is now thriving and looking for a permanent home. Before that, he experienced a shopping adventure fit for royalty.

Image/Story Source Credit: Rocky Kanaka – YouTube Video

At the local Petco, Rocky accompanied King for a special shopping experience. For King, who had never stepped paw in a pet store or known the joy of toys, the trip was nothing short of exhilarating.

Image/Story Source Credit: Rocky Kanaka – YouTube Video

Rocky’s commitment was unwavering: anything King touched, he would buy. This promise even extended to a massive cat tower, showcasing Rocky’s deep compassion for a dog who had known so much hardship.

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