Man Visits Shelter Dog Every Day For Months To Convince Her To Let Him Adopt Her

In 2020, Alva, a dog with wobbler syndrome affecting her spine and neck, was adopted from Austin Pets Alive! It seemed like a happy conclusion, but sadly, she was returned in 2022. Alva’s condition led to her becoming defensive and anxious, casting doubt on her chances of finding a permanent home. That was until Joe Rotunda entered her life.

Rotunda fell in love with Alva after seeing her on Instagram. Despite being briefed about her challenges by the shelter staff, he was determined to win her trust. He believed she deserved a chance.

For a period of two months, Rotunda consistently visited Alva at the shelter every day. He spent time talking to her, gradually building a bond of trust while his affection for her deepened.

“I just looked at her and said, ‘I bet everyone has given up on you. I’m not going to do that to you,’” Rotunda shared with Austin Pets Alive!.

After collaborating with the rescue’s trainers and earning Alva’s confidence, Rotunda was able to bring her home. He adapted his living space to accommodate her needs, creating a safe and comfortable environment for Alva, including an outdoor ramp and dedicated areas for her to relax and decompress. Together, they continue to work on her training, and Alva is showing significant progress.

Rotunda often remarks that Alva has enriched his life immensely, more than he could have ever imagined.

Alva’s life has transformed, now filled with exploration and companionship, things once thought unattainable for her. With Rotunda’s unwavering support, there seems to be no limit to what Alva can achieve.

“Alva gave me a gift every time I saw her, and that was: inspiration,” said Rotunda. “Her spirit is captivating, she radiates positivity, and nothing stands in her way.”

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