Mechanic Pulls Backpack Out Of Dumpster And Finds Abused Puppy

Mechanic Finds and Saves Puppy Abandoned in a Dumpster Backpack

So, there’s this mechanic, R.J., right? Just a normal day at Midas auto shop in Shakopee, Minnesota, when he hears this thumping from the dumpster. Thinking it’s just a raccoon, he almost didn’t check. But man, am I glad he did.


R.J. finds a backpack moving in the dumpster, totally silent. He opens it, and what does he see? The most adorable, yet scared, puppy looking right at him.


Turns out, this poor pup, who R.J. named Midas, was tossed in there after the garbage truck had already been by. Zipped up in a hot backpack with no food or water, Midas was in bad shape. He even had a fractured jaw and a lung infection.


R.J., this big-hearted guy, couldn’t just let Midas go. He’s planning to adopt him if everything works out. He’s even prepared to give Midas back if he belongs to someone else, but he needs solid proof first.

The Shakopee Police Department is using Midas’s story to remind people there are better ways to rehome a pet than abandoning them. Midas’s day started in a dumpster but ended with the chance of a new loving home. It’s a little miracle, isn’t it?

Check out the heartwarming story of Midas’s rescue and how he ended up with a new family.