My Girlfriend Called Me Her Ex's Name

My Girlfriend Called Me Her Ex’s Name: What Does It Mean?

So, your girlfriend called you by her ex’s name by mistake.

Does it mean she still loves him?

While this might sometimes be the case, a lot of the time it’s not.

To understand what your girlfriend was thinking when she called you by her ex’s name, we have to look at both the psychology of how names work, as well as looking at the relationship dynamics between you and your girlfriend.

Why Your Girlfriend Called You Her Ex’s Name

After getting dumped by her ex-boyfriend, your girlfriend probably experienced a lot of feelings.

At the time when she was still hung up on her ex, not only would she think about him all the time, but sometimes in moments of carelessness, his name might slip out.

Your girlfriend probably felt embarrassed when she realized what she’d just said.

She might have apologized to you, and laughed it off as if nothing happened – but trust me, she’ll never forget the moment when she called you by her ex-boyfriend’s name again.


Because even though we may be done with our exes, we still think about them a lot, and we still have feelings for them even though we may not want to.

That’s the thing about breakups and heartbreak – it doesn’t really make sense.

It doesn’t make sense that after you’ve spent so much time together, sharing experiences with each other, having fun, and making memories with each other, one day you just stop feeling that way about each other.

And it certainly doesn’t make sense when someone you love walks away from you and leaves you broken-hearted.

How To Make Sure She Never Calls You Her Ex’s Name Again

So now that you understand how your girlfriend is feeling, what can you do to make sure it never happens again?

The best thing you can do is to reassure her.

She probably feels stupid for accidentally calling you by the wrong name – so it’s up to YOU to assure her that it’s a normal thing and that it doesn’t mean anything.

For example, you can say something like, “It’s ok. Everyone calls their partners the wrong name sometimes! I’m sure it was just a mistake. You don’t have to worry about it.”

It’s also up to you to reassure your girlfriend that her ex is NOTHING compared to you.

Besides, even if she were thinking about him, does it really matter? It doesn’t mean anything.

Her ex could be living next door to her, but does that mean she’s still going to love him?  Of course not.

So you have no reason to worry about it.

As long as you make sure your girlfriend knows how much better you are compared to her ex-boyfriend, there’s nothing to worry about.

Replace Him In Your Girlfriend’s Mind

And lastly, if you really want to make sure your girlfriend never calls you by her ex-boyfriend’s name again, the best thing you can do is to replace him in her mind.

What I mean by this is that you need to give your girlfriend so many awesome experiences and memories with you that she forgets all about her ex.

So even if she is still thinking about him, she won’t remember his name because it will have slipped her mind!

Is Your Girlfriend Still Thinking About Her Ex?

If you want to know whether or not your girlfriend is still hung up on her ex-boyfriend, then I can help you out there too.

The first thing you need to do though is to stop worrying about the name slip-up.

It doesn’t matter.

She will have already forgotten about it, and she’ll probably even laugh next time it happens!  Stop making a big deal out of something that’s not a big deal.

Don’t ask her if she was thinking about her ex when she called you the wrong name, because if you do that, it’ll just remind her of him.

You have to remember that breakups are confusing, and your girlfriend probably doesn’t even know whether or not she’s still hung up on her ex-boyfriend.

So keep being supportive and loving towards your girlfriend, and give her so many new experiences with you that she will have completely replaced all the old ones.

And be confident – if your girlfriend can’t remember her ex-boyfriend’s name, then chances are she just doesn’t think about him at all!

So don’t worry about it.

What To Do If It Continues Happening

If your girlfriend continues to call you her ex-boyfriend’s name despite your best efforts to reassure her, then the most sensible thing for you to do is talk about it with her.

It might just be a slip-up every now and then, especially if her ex’s name is common.

But if she seems to slip up with this name more often than not, then maybe she has some unresolved feelings for him after all?

So talk to her.

Explaining That You Love Her More Than Him

And maybe you don’t need to worry about the name slipping, but you simply need to help your girlfriend understand that she loves you more than him.

After all, it’s no fun being confused or feeling like you want to be with someone that isn’t right for you.

So explain to your girlfriend how much better you are compared to her ex-boyfriend, and show her how good she has it now that she’s with you instead!

And if you really want to win over your girlfriend for good, then the best thing that you can do is give her even more awesome experiences with YOU.

Final Thoughts

Sure, when your girlfriend calls you by her ex-boyfriend’s name, it might be a little weird.

But it doesn’t mean anything, and most likely she’ll just laugh next time it happens!

Plus, if you really want to prove to your girlfriend that she loves you more than him, then the best thing for you to do is give her so many great experiences with you that she completely forgets about him.

You’ve got this!