Woman Checks Baby Monitor And Finds A Mysterious Black Lump In Daughter's Crib

Mysterious Black Lump in Baby’s Crib Surprises New Mom

Lisa Miller, after fostering a tabby named Lily in 2021, was pleasantly surprised when Lily quickly bonded with her existing cat siblings, Jada and Sochi, and became a permanent part of the Miller family.

Lily, affectionately known as Tiny Tiny, became the darling of the house, leaving her mark in every corner and constantly seeking love from her humans. The Millers, charmed by their new addition, happily catered to her whims.

“Tiny Tiny loves being cradled,” Miller shared with The Dodo. “I even do housework with her in my arms!”


As Lily settled in, the Millers anticipated another addition to their family, a baby girl. While Miller was thrilled, she wondered how her cats, especially Lily, would adapt to the new family member.

Throughout the pregnancy, Lily and her siblings were Miller’s constant companions. They shared in her joy and comforted her during tough times, such as when Miller’s mother was diagnosed with cancer.

“Tiny Tiny was my solace,” Miller recalled. “She was there, soothing me on those difficult nights.”


When baby Lucy arrived, Lily was fascinated yet slightly envious of the new baby. Miller balanced her time between Lucy and Lily, ensuring both felt equally loved.

“I had to juggle between Lucy and Lily,” Miller explained. “But including Lily in our daily routine with the baby helped.”


Lily took her role as a big sister seriously, often watching over Lucy and staying close during her naps.

One day, when Miller glanced at the baby monitor, she was startled to see a familiar gray shape in Lucy’s crib.


“My heart leaped,” Miller said. “At first, I didn’t realize Lily had sneaked in when my husband had put Lucy down for her nap.”

Initially, Miller thought to remove Lily, but she decided to let them be. Watching over the monitor, she observed a heartwarming scene as Lily cuddled with Lucy. Upon waking, Lucy was overjoyed to find her furry sibling beside her.

“Lucy’s delight was evident when she saw Lily,” Miller shared.


Lily’s role as a nurturing sister continues to evolve, bringing immense joy to the Miller family.

The Millers are grateful for their ‘foster fail’ and cherish the bond between Lucy and Lily.

“Lily is more than just a cat to us,” Miller expressed. “She’s truly a blessing from above.”