Woman Wakes Up To A New Dog Chilling On Her Back Patio

Mystery Dog Claims Family’s Patio as His New Home

Amy had the craziest start to her day. Her daughter comes in and says, “Hey, there’s a dog on our back porch.” They’ve got two dogs already, but this one? A total stranger! The pup had made himself right at home, chilling in a chair on their patio like he owned the place.


Every morning, like clockwork, this mystery dog’s there, hanging out on their patio chair. And it’s the same deal whenever they get back from work. He’s just lounging there, happy as can be. Amy’s doing her bit, asking around the neighborhood, even gets the dog scanned for a microchip, but no one knows where he’s from.

But here’s the cool part – Amy’s determined to find a permanent solution for this chill pup, who they’ve named Walker. And guess what? Walker’s absolutely loving his new setup.

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