Mystery Flower-Giver Revealed To Be A Stray Cat With A Heart Of Gold

A woman in New Zealand came home one evening to a surprise. Flowers were scattered all over her bed. A secret admirer, or so she thought. The next day, a gray cat appeared with more blossoms. This was Fiddy, her unexpected guest, and soon-to-be companion.

@aalishelise How our story began 🌸✨ many have asked how we found each other – i havent gone in to too much detail in some areas about why and how but rest assured everything was done for Fiddys best interest 💕✨🌸#adopt #catsoftiktok #catlover #fyp #viral #cattok #adoptdontshop❤️ ♬ Love Story – Frozen Silence

She was unkempt, with fleas and worms. A trip to the vet was in order, but no owner was found. No chip, no collar, just a cat with a penchant for petals. Fiddy had chosen her, and the bond was instant.

Fiddy’s previous family was discovered. They couldn’t care for her, but happiness bloomed knowing she was loved. She was a cat on a mission, a mission of love. Flowers came daily, Fiddy’s way of saying ‘I love you.’

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Her new mom was her world, and Fiddy showed it with gifts. Camellias were her favorite, sometimes ten in a single day. The bushes still full, her floral tributes were far from over. Fiddy worked all day, her tokens ready for her human’s return.

Gift-giving was her love language, a language her mom adored. Coming home to Fiddy’s dedication was a delight. Spoilt and blessed, the feelings were mutual. In a world of complex relationships, a cat and her human found simplicity in a daily bouquet. Each petal, a symbol of unwavering feline affection. A love story not written in the stars, but in the flowers. And for this woman, every day was a reminder of unexpected joy. In Fiddy’s eyes, her mom deserved the world, one flower at a time.