Neglected Dogs Found as Matted ‘Rags’ on Rooftop Finally Find Loving Home

Terry and his brother endured over two years chained to a rooftop in Mexico City, enduring harsh weather conditions. Neglected and appearing more like matted clumps than dogs, their plight caught the attention of a concerned neighbor who alerted the authorities. La Casa del Mestizo, a local dog rescue, intervened to offer much-needed help.

Zoë, a member of West Coast Paws Dog Rescue, described the condition of the dogs: “Their fur was incredibly matted. It’s hard to imagine what they went through up there for so long.”

Upon rescue, both Terry, then 7, and his brother underwent a transformation, being shaved and bathed at La Casa del Mestizo. The process turned Terry from a gray, tangled mass into a fluffy white pup in about four hours.

Following their grooming and health check-ups, Terry and his brother were put up for adoption through West Coast Paws, which finds homes for rescue dogs in Washington State and Canada.

Zoë recalled the difficulty in finding a home for Terry: “We had him listed for adoption for nearly seven months with no interest, primarily due to his age.”

Despite the challenges, the teams at La Casa del Mestizo and West Coast Paws didn’t lose hope. Finally, Lee and Danny from British Columbia, Canada, came across Terry’s adoption profile and felt an instant connection.

Lee shared with The Dodo: “We were drawn to Terry, especially knowing the difficulties in finding him a home. The transformation from a ragged rooftop dog to a happy, fluffy shelter dog touched us deeply. We wanted to give him a wonderful life.”

Terry, along with three other dogs from La Casa del Mestizo, traveled with Ariane and Tami from West Coast Paws. The 10-hour journey from Mexico City to BC, Canada, included a stopover in Seattle and went smoothly, according to Ariane.

Meanwhile, Terry’s new parents prepared for his arrival with a selection of fun dog toys. They eagerly awaited at the airport to meet their new family member, whom they renamed Teddy.

Danny expressed his joy upon meeting Teddy: “I’m over the moon. He’s adapted to us so quickly. We’re looking forward to many fun times together!”

Settling into his new home, Teddy showed his playful, curious nature, surprising everyone with his puppy-like behavior despite being 7 years old.

Danny envisioned a bright future for Teddy: “We see a life filled with human companionship for him. We’re ecstatic to have Teddy as part of our family.”