Neighbor Sees Piles Of 'Little Rags' On Rooftop — And Realizes They're Alive

Neighbor Sees Piles Of ‘Little Rags’ On Rooftop — And Realizes They’re Alive

In Mexico City, Mexico, two brothers, Terry and his sibling, endured over two years chained on a rooftop, vulnerable to harsh weather. Their appearance deteriorated so severely that they resembled mere piles of dirty, unkempt fur. A concerned neighbor alerted the authorities, prompting La Casa del Mestizo, a local dog rescue group, to intervene.

Zoë, a rescuer from West Coast Paws Dog Rescue, shared with The Dodo, “The dogs were burdened with severely matted fur. It’s hard to imagine what they must have felt enduring that for so long.”

Upon their rescue, both Terry, aged 7, and his brother underwent immediate grooming and bathing at La Casa del Mestizo. This transformation turned Terry from a gray, matted creature to a fluffy white dog within a span of four hours.

Following their grooming and health assessments, Terry and his brother were put up for adoption through West Coast Paws, an organization that finds homes for rescue dogs in Washington State and Canada.

Zoë remarked, “We had Terry up for adoption for nearly seven months before we got an application for him. His age was a significant deterrent for potential adopters.”

Despite the challenges, the teams at La Casa del Mestizo and West Coast Paws held onto their optimism. Eventually, Lee and Danny, a couple from British Columbia, Canada, came across Terry’s adoption profile and instantly felt a connection.

Lee told The Dodo, “We were drawn to Terry, especially because he had difficulties finding a home. Something about his story, from being those little rags on the rooftop to his joyful transformation in the shelter, moved us. We knew we could offer him a wonderful life.”

Terry, along with three other dogs from La Casa del Mestizo, were transported by Ariane and Tami from West Coast Paws. The 10-hour journey from Mexico City to British Columbia included a stopover in Seattle.

Ariane shared, “Fortunately, the trip went without a hitch. All our flights were right on schedule.”

While Terry was en route, Lee and Danny eagerly prepared for his arrival, stocking up on various dog toys. They then proceeded to the airport to meet Terry — now renamed Teddy — for the first time.

Danny expressed his joy, “I’m over the moon. Teddy has bonded with us so quickly. We’re looking forward to lots of fun times together!”

Since arriving at Lee and Danny’s home, Teddy has shown a playful and inquisitive side, behaving more like a young puppy than a dog of seven years.

“I believe Teddy’s future holds abundant human companionship,” Danny added. “We’re just ecstatic to have him join our family for the rest of his life.”