Nicknames For Gracie

123 Nicknames For Gracie: The Ultimate Collection

Are you looking for a cute nickname for your girl?

Or are you just interested in learning how to come up with some sweet pet names for your girlfriend, partner, or spouse?

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Nicknames are another great way of showing affection and appreciation towards somebody that means a lot to you.

They express love and intimacy.

Most probably your girl will be flattered and honored if you bestow her with a nickname that she enjoys.

It will boost her self-esteem.

Here’s a list of some of the more common and appealing nicknames for Gracie:

Popular Nicknames For Gracie

Some nicknames are more popular than others.

Here’s a list of some of the more popular nicknames for Gracie:

1. Gracie Baby – This one is used to call your girl in an affectionate manner.

2. Gracie Pie – This is used to let your girl know that she is loved and cherished by you.

3. Gracie Gal – This is used to call a woman by her man.

4. Gracie Lady – A common way of calling your girlfriend because she is like the goddess you worship and adore.

5. Gracie Babe – This is used to address or call a girl in an informal manner or when you are in an intimate relationship with her.

6. Gracie Love – This is usually used between lovers.

7. Gracie-puff – This is another version of ‘Gracie Pie.’

8. Googie – This is actually pronounced as ‘Goo-Gee’ and is used when you want to call Gracie in an informal manner.

9. Gracie Lou – This is one of the most used nicknames for girls.

10. Gracie Darling – If you want to be romantic or affectionate with your girlfriend, this is among the best pet names that you can use.

11. Gracie Bug – This name is used when you want to address your girl in a sweet and cute manner.

12. Gracie Sunshine – This one is used to call a girl who has filled your life with happiness and bliss.

13. Gracie Doll – If you want to call her in an informal manner, then this is one of the best nicknames for girls that you can use.

Cute Nicknames For Gracie

Since Gracie can be a bit of a more formal name, some parents want to add the cute factor.

Here’s a list of some cute nicknames for Gracie:

14. Gracie Dollface – This is used in a cute manner.

15. Gracie Kitten – If you want to call her in a sweet voice, then this one is among the best choices that you can make.

16. Gracie Apple Cheeks – This name derives its popularity from an old children’s song about Little Miss Muffet.

17. Gracie Lips – This is another sweet name that you can use to call your girlfriend in an intimate setting or when you want to create an intimate atmosphere between the two of you.

18. Gracie Babe – Another cute nickname for Gracie is ‘Gracie babe.’

19. Graci-Pops – This is probably the cutest of them all.

20. Gracie Lou-Lou – While ‘Lou-Lou’ may be a bit more familiar, if you want something cute then the combination of both of these nicknames may be your best bet.

21. Cutie Pie – If she makes you feel happy and cheerful, then this is one of the best names to call her in a sweet and cute manner.

22. Cutie Patootie – This name can be used as an endearment or as a way of showing how much you like your girl.

23. Gracie Doodle – If you want to let her know that she is your special friend, the best way of doing so is by calling her ‘Gracie Doodle.’

24. Gracie Dump Truck – If she is strong and powerful, then this is one of the best cute nicknames for girls that you can use.

25. Petal-Grace – When talking about pet names, this name takes it to another level with its uniqueness.

26. Gracie Babykins – This nickname will show how much you adore your girl as well as express love and longing for her.

Funny Nicknames For Gracie

If you have the feeling that your little girl will be well-loved and spoiled by you, your family, and friends, why not add a few funny nicknames to the mix?

Here’s a list of some funny nicknames to use for Gracie:

27. Gracie Butterfingers – This is a nickname that derives from the old comic book character of the same name.

28. Gracie Blunderbuss – If she tends to make mistakes on accident, then this may be the best nickname for her as it will show how clumsy and funny she can be at times.

29. Gracie Drools – This one is more of a playful nickname that light-heartedly shows how your girl tends to drool while sleeping.

30. Gracie Grumps – Your girl can be grumpy at times and if so, you can address her by this name in a funny and playful manner.

31. Gracie Fluffster – If she is a cuddler and likes to be hugged, then this name will help you express that cuteness in a funny way.

32. Gracie Grouchy – If your girl tends to have a grumpy temperament, you can call her ‘Gracie grouchy’ as it will sound funny and cute at the same time.

33. Gracie Gumby – This nickname is earned if your girlfriend loves to love and hug everyone she sees.

34. Gracie Fluffykins – If your girl is more of a cutie than an angel, you can call her ‘Gracie fluffykins.’ Since it is so cute, this pet name will sound like a compliment to your girlfriend.

35. Gracie Grumpy Pants – If she’s grumpy and it’s time for action, you can call her ‘Gracie grumpy pants.’

36. Gracie Hunny Bun – If you want a playful name to call your girlfriend, this is one of the best names to use as it will show how much you love her.

37. Gracie Jack-o – If your girlfriend is a bit of a goofball, the best nickname to use for her would be ‘Gracie jack-‘ as it can be used in many ways.

38. Gracie Jaws – If you have a tough girl who likes to munch on people, you can call her ‘Gracie jaws’ as it will show how dangerous and powerful she is.

39. Gracie Kangaroo – If your girl is a bouncy and cheerful person, then this name would be a great choice to express that in a funny way.

40. Gracie Kablooey – If she likes to blow things up, then you can call her ‘Gracie kablooey’ to show how explosive she is.

41. Gracie Lump – If your girlfriend loves being hugged and touched, then this name will help you express that in a funny way.

42. Gracie Quirks – You can use this name to call your girl if she has the quirk of giggling at anything and everything.

43. Gracie Monkey – This pet name can be used in a cute and playful manner as you tell her how much you love her silly behavior.

44. Gracie Mini-taur – If your girlfriend is tall, big, and strong, then you can call her ‘Gracie mini-taur’ as it is a playful nickname for strong women.

45. Gracie Bumpkin – This cute nickname literally means ‘country bumpkin.’ If your girlfriend comes from a small town, this name will suit her well.

46. Gracie Moon Pie – You can use this name to tell your girlfriend that you like her more than the moon.

47. Gracie Pancakes – If she has a round face and is all cute, you can call her ‘Gracie pancakes’ in order to show how much you love her.

48. Gracie Peepers – Most girls have beautiful eyes and if your girl’s eyes are irresistible to you, then this name will suit her well.

49. Gracie Poops – This one can be used in jest if your girlfriend is a bit of an anti-social type of person who doesn’t like people or social interactions at all.

50. Gracie Poof – If she likes to play with her hair a lot, then this name would be fitting for her.

51. Gracie Pinky – This is another cute nickname to use if you want to playfully call your girlfriend something affectionate.

52. Gracie Pooch – She is your pooch if she loves being pampered and loved by you all the time.

53. Gracie Pickle – If she has a weird personality, you can call her ‘Gracie pickle’ as it will show how strange she can be at times.

54. Gracie Pudding – The word ‘pudding’ itself is sweet and playful in nature so if your girl has that quality about her, this name will work well with her too!

55. Gracie Puppy – You can call her ‘Gracie puppy’ if you want a playful and cute name that is easy to use on your girlfriend too!

56. Gracie Pea – If she is small and tiny, then this nickname will suit your girl well.

57. Gracie Pearls – This pet name suits the giver more than the receiver as it would remind you of how pure and loving your girlfriend is for sure!

58. Gracie Popcorn – If she likes making noise and throwing around things here and there, you can call her ‘Gracie popcorn’ to show how playful and fun she can be at times.

59. Gracie Puff-Ball – Most girls are cute and cuddly, if your girl falls into that category then this name will work well with her.

60. Gracie Pup – A ‘pup’ is a playful dog that you can use for your girlfriend to show how playful she is at times.

61. Gracie Piggy – If she has a pig-like behavior about her, then this nickname would be something apt to use on her!

62. Gracie Puppy Love – This pet name shows how much you love her as it’s filled with so many emotions and feelings inside of you!

63. Gracie Runt – The word ‘runt’ itself is very similar to the word ‘runt.’ If your girlfriend is the smallest in her family, then call her by this cute nickname.

64. Gracie Marshmallow – A girl who is soft and sweet should be called ‘Gracie marshmallow’ to express your warm feelings for her!

65. Gracie Nugget – If she is small in size but has a lot of energy within, you can call her ‘Gracie nugget’ as it would show that you think that way about her too!

66. Gracie Nutcracker – You can use this name to tell your girlfriend how beautiful she is while also hinting towards breaking others’ hearts around you because you are taken.

67. Gracie Nibblett – This pet name suits girls who are very playful in nature as they can be a little bit naggy at times too!

68. Gracie Jingle – This name will suit girls who have a cute laugh and are always well-dressed to the point where they look good even without any effort being put into their appearance.

69. Gracie Snuggle Bear – Grace is well-known as a ‘snuggle bear.’ If your girlfriend loves cuddling up, this would work well with her as a pet name.

70. Gracie Snowflake – If she has small eyes and is really cute, you can call her ‘Gracie snowflakes’ because that’s all there is to it!

71. Gracie Sugar Pie – You can use this nickname on your girlfriend if she likes being sweet and loving all the time.

72. Gracie Snow Bunny – A cute name to call your girlfriend, but remember that this isn’t a name you can use with everyone!

73. Gracie Sweetheart – This is another name that would work well for girls who are very romantic by nature.

74. Gracie Sunshine – Your girl is like sunshine if she always seems to brighten up your days no matter how bad they are!

75. Gracie Snuggles – If you want something simple, then this one works really well on her as it reminds of how adorable and cuddly she is without any effort put into it!

76. Gracie Stacks – You can call her ‘Gracie stacks’ if she is a little bit on the shorter side but makes up for it with her energy levels!

77. Gracie Treasure – This name shows how much you value your girlfriend as a treasure that can’t be replaced by anyone else ever again.

78. Gracie Two Shoes – If she always seems to have a smile on her face, then this name suits her really well as that’s what this pet name means!

79. Gracie Tweety Pie – Most cute girls love being called ‘Tweety Pie,’ if your girlfriend is one of those people who are small yet make a lot of noise, then this would go well with her too!

80. Gracie Valkyrie- A good way to tell your girl that she is a strong force to be reckoned with, a good nickname for a strong girlfriend.

81. Gracie Vixen – Similar to ‘Valkyrie’ but more feminine and sexy sounding if your partner is sassy with a lot of attitudes!

82. Gracie Violet – A name fit for a beautiful girl who has dark hair and an aura that’s reminiscent of the color violet itself!

83. Gracie Volleyball – A petite girl with tons of energy? Call her this for short as it can be too long sometimes!

84. Gracie Wag Tail – If there’s one thing you’ll love about your girlfriend, it’s their little wag-tail which always seems to show how happy they are at that very second!

85. Gracie Whale – If she’s a little bit bigger than the usual girls but you don’t care about it, then call her ‘Gracie whale’ to show how much she means to you!

86. Gracie Warhol – A creative way to tell your girl that she looks like Andy Warhol’s painting of pop art in this modern world we live in today!

87. Gracie Welly – Something cute and sweet that is related to the name Grace itself.

88. Gracie Wine Cup – Perfect for wine lovers who just love drinking and partying with their friends all night long!

89. Gracie Wonderwoman- An extremely powerful who can get anything done with

Cool Nicknames For Gracie

Now, what if you have the feeling that your little girl is going to be cool?

Here’s a list of nicknames that are the perfect fit for the coolest girl on earth… your daughter!

90. Grac-tastic – Cute and cool at the same time. A great nickname to call your stylish daughter…

91. Gracie G – A simple nickname you can use for a stylish, cool, and cute daughter…

92. Graciaboo – Great nickname for your little girl who loves to make fun of herself…

93. G-baby – A cute name for a daughter you love to bits…

94. Graciabug – Another awesome nickname for your stylish, cool girl…

95. Gracie Lollipop – A really cool nickname for a stylish, sweet girl…

96. Gracie Pie – A classic name you can use for an amazing daughter…

97. Gracie Princess – Another great name to call a strong yet adorable girl who will do everything she can to be the perfect princess for her daddy!

98. G-lovebug – Great way to express how much you love your girl!

99. Gracie Queen – This nickname shows that she rules her kingdom and doesn’t allow anyone to mess with it… yes, we’re talking about her nursery!

100. G-baby Bug – A cute and sweet nickname for a daughter who is totally adorable and always makes you smile. What more can we ask for?

101. G-sparkle – Another cute and unique nickname to call a girl who’s full of life and light… This is one nickname that you should definitely use if she loves glittery things!

102. Gracie Pixie – A great name to call your sporty daughter, who looks cute even in her sportswear…

103. Gracie T – A nickname that almost any dad can use for their girls!

104. G-rama – Great for your little girl who will soon be a mother herself!

105. Gracie Windex – Another cute name that can be used for a sweet, silly, or funny girl who’s always playful and fun to be around!

106. Gracierooney – A cool nickname if you want your

Unique Nicknames For Gracie

Since not everyone is the same, you should make sure that your girl finds her own unique nicknames.

Here are some interesting and unique options…

107. Gracie Goldfish – A cute nickname to call a daughter who’s always swimming in her own little world…

108. Grace Stewardess – We all know how well girls can fly through the sky. They’re the ones who need to be pampered…

109. Gracemommy – A great nickname for a girl who gives us the best gifts in life… children!

110. Gracie Macaroni – Another cute way to call your daughter with a little twist to it…

111. G-saravanan – A cute way to call your Tamil daughter…

112. Gracey Poo – A wonderful name for a naughty little girl!

113. Gracie Firecracker – Great nickname if she is always ready with her arguements and fights!

115. Gracie Snowflake- Perfect for calling an extremely cool, unique, and stylish daughter who’s like a snowflake that’s never the same as the next one!

116. G-smiles – Ideal for your happy daughter who loves to smile all the time…

117. Gracie Princess Leia Organa – The perfect pet name for creative parents who love Star Wars..

118. G-spotlight – For daughters who are always in the spotlight!

119. Gracie Sunshine – Another great name for a daughter who brings light to your life…

120. Gracie Jammies – Perfect if she just loves her jammies!

121. Grace Mama Bear – This is the perfect name for a motherly, caring daughter who will bring home the bacon someday…

122. Gracie Dancer – Ideal for creative daughters who are always dancing on their toes!

123. G-force – A great name to call your girl with lots of energy and enthusiasm!

Origin & Meaning Of The Name Gracie

The name Gracie has been around for a really long time.

In the year 1901, the Social Security Administration started keeping track of names in America.

Here are some interesting historical facts about the name Gracie:

The baby name Gracie was first introduced to the U.S. population in 1881 when it was given to only 5 girls.

The name Gracie was most popular in the year 1893 when 1,585 baby girls were given this name.

Gracie reached its highest position of #7 in the U.S. in the year 1921.

Its popularity panned out slowly but consistently since then and has become a favorite nickname for thousands of girls over the past 114 years.

How To Pronounce Gracie

The correct pronunciation of the name Gracie:  GRĀ-shə

The meaning of the name Gracie: Graceful, courteous

Famous People Named Gracie

There are several famous people named Gracie.

These include:  

Carrie Gracie – born on July 15th, 1973, is a British journalist and broadcaster.

She co-anchored the BBC morning news program “Today” from 2013 to 2017 with John Humphrys and then Huw Edwards.

Gracie Allen – born on September 22nd, 1895, was an American comedian whose stage partnership with her husband, George Burns, was one of the most successful comedy acts in history.

Gracie Carvalho – born on November 21st, 2001 is a Brazilian model and internet sensation.

She has over 4 million followers online and 1 million subscribers to her YouTube channel “Gracie Carvalho”, which she started in 2013.

Gracie Gold – born on January 18th, 1996 is an American figure skater who won the gold medal at the 2014 U.S. Figure Skating Championships, bronze in the team event at the 2014 Winter Olympics, and silver in both singles and team events at the 2015 U.S. Championships.


So, there you have it… 115 Nicknames For Gracie: The Ultimate Collection.

Picking the right name for your child is a very important decision.

The name you choose will influence their psychological development and self-image as a person.

Think carefully about the first step to take me on this journey of being parents together with you, my friend.

After all, it’s the future of your family we’re talking about here.

Good luck!