Dog Rescued Covered in Bite Wounds and Unable to Walk Finds Forever Home

Once Abused and Alone, Brave Dog Embraces A New Life Full Of Love

In the heart of St. Louis, Missouri, a story unfolded that touched the hearts of thousands. Tina Fey, a bulldog mix with a spirit as strong as her name, found her forever home in a tale that reads like a Christmas miracle.

A Rough Start

When Tina was rescued by Stray Rescue in St. Louis, she was in dire straits. Covered in bite wounds, with blood-stained fur and a swollen eye, she was a sight that would break any animal lover’s heart. Natalie Thomson, the shelter’s marketing director, recalls how Tina’s appearance was so distressing that it was hard to recognize her as a dog.

Despite her condition, Tina’s will to live shone through. The shelter staff worked tirelessly, using advanced treatments like laser technology and providing her with the utmost care. Ashley, a dedicated vet tech, took Tina home as a medical foster, ensuring she received the love and attention she needed around the clock.

A Journey to Healing

Slowly but surely, Tina began to heal. Her wounds closed, and her spirit lifted. The shelter shared her story online, capturing the hearts of thousands, including Natascha and Casey from Colorado. They followed her story from afar, their hearts aching for the brave pup.

When Tina was finally ready for adoption, Natascha and Casey didn’t hesitate. They embarked on a 916-mile journey to meet the dog who had already captured their hearts through a screen. The meeting was magical, love at first sight.

A New Beginning

Tina’s adoption story quickly went viral, with thousands celebrating her new beginning. Comments poured in, each one a testament to the power of love and the resilience of the canine spirit.

As Tina settles into her new home, she’s no longer just a survivor. She’s a beacon of hope, a living reminder of the difference a little kindness can make. Her new family is dedicated to giving her the life she deserves, full of snuggles, playtime, and unconditional love.

Tina’s journey from a wounded pup to a beloved family member is more than just an adoption story. It’s a Christmas miracle, a reminder of the joy and love that awaits every animal in need of a home. Her wagging tail now tells a story of triumph, a tale of a dog who overcame the odds to find her forever family.