Pit Bull Stolen From Home, Owner Drives 1,000 Miles For Their Reunion

Owner’s 1,000 Mile Drive for Heartfelt Reunion with Stolen Pit Bull

You gotta hear this heart-tugging story about Dara Prak and his dog, Titan. Imagine this: Titan, a lovable Pit Bull, gets stolen right out of his backyard in Houston, Texas. Dara was totally wrecked, thinking he might never see his buddy again. But he didn’t lose hope.


Four months fly by, and then, out of the blue, Titan turns up at a shelter in South Carolina. Thanks to his microchip, they figured out he belonged to Dara. Can you believe it?

So, what does Dara do? He and his girlfriend hit the road, driving a whopping 1,000 miles just to get Titan back. Turns out, the poor guy had a rough time while he was gone and seemed to have been mistreated. But the good news? He’s on track to fully recover.


You should see the video of their reunion. It’s the kind of moment that just melts your heart. These two, finally back together, where they belong. It’s pure, undiluted joy.

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