Parade-Goers Notice ‘Little Brown Floof’ Curled Up By Street Sign

During the bustling Reading Holiday Parade in Pennsylvania, a vigilant mother spotted some children throwing sticks at a small creature near a street sign. Upon closer investigation, she discovered a frightened bat trying to hide in the shadow of the sign. She immediately stopped the children and called the Pennsylvania Bat Rescue for assistance, but due to the parade’s commencement, she couldn’t stay with the bat.

Rescuers from the Pennsylvania Bat Rescue faced a challenge finding the tiny bat amidst the parade crowd. The bat, blending in with its surroundings, was trying to escape the chaos and noise. Stephanie Stronsick, the founder of Pennsylvania Bat Rescue, described the moment of discovery as spotting a “little brown floof” among the hundreds of people’s feet.

Thankfully, the bat was unharmed despite its ordeal. Stronsick noted that, upon arrival at the rehabilitation center, the bat was terrified but soon settled down and began eating independently. The plan is to care for the bat until spring, after which it will be released onto preserved land to join a colony, ensuring a peaceful life ahead.