Pittie Loves To Nap On Dad’s Shoulder, Although She’s A Big Girl Now

Two pitbull siblings, Norman and Annabelle, have become the luckiest dogs ever. They’ve been inseparable since birth, even arriving on a day some consider unlucky, Friday the 13th. But for them, it was a day of fortune.

Maryland couple Bobby and Danni took in a pregnant pitbull. She gave birth to a dozen puppies in their home. Caring for so many dogs was no small feat.

Though Bobby and Danni didn’t plan to keep any pups, two charmed them. Enter Norman and Annabelle, the adorable siblings. Boys often bond with mom, and girls with dad, and so it was.

Annabelle chose Bobby as her special human. At three weeks old, she fell asleep on his shoulder. It became their thing, a bond that only grew stronger.

Even as she grew into a 50-pound dog, Annabelle still napped on Bobby’s shoulder. Despite her size, she remained a puppy at heart. Bobby and Danni’s dogs became social media stars by chance.

People adored the dogs’ videos, which started as family memories. Now, the pups are known as the Little Monsters online. Their antics, whether playing or helping dad, go viral.

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These three-year-old pups have a routine filled with love and activities. They’re a testament to the breed, loved by their human parents. For this family, love is everything and their pitbulls are a big part of it.

Norman and Annabelle’s story is a reminder of the joy pets bring. Their lives are full of play, support, and companionship. Truly, they are the luckiest pups, blessed with a family who cherishes them.