Shelter Pittie Keeps Making His Bed To Show He ‘Deserved’ To Be Adopted

Shelter Pittie Keeps Making His Bed To Show He ‘Deserved’ To Be Adopted

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Living in a shelter can be challenging for dogs, especially for loving ones like Rush. He was brought in as a stray to the SICSA Pet Adoption & Wellness Center in Dayton, Ohio. After a temporary adoption, Rush was sadly returned and longed for a forever family.

Rush’s hopes soared each time someone visited, only to be dashed when they left with another dog. One day, he did something extraordinary — he neatly arranged a bed sheet around his bed. The SICSA volunteers were astounded by his adorable act. Volunteer Leah captured the heartwarming moment on video, and it quickly went viral.

The video touched millions worldwide, shattering negative stereotypes often associated with Pitties. Rush’s bed-making became a daily routine, and soon, a family entered his life. The Wallaces, a couple from Dayton, Ohio, were captivated by Rush’s video and decided to adopt him.

Ronnie recalls, “She said ‘I think I want him,’ and I said ‘Okay.’”

An immediate connection formed when the Wallaces met Rush at the facility. Overjoyed, he embraced his new parents and left his kennel for good. Despite his happiness, Rush never forgot his past. His mom arranged a visit to his former caretakers, which Rush enjoyed, sharing sweet kisses with everyone. Jessie, Rachel, Sydney, and his foster parents, Allison and Mike, were thrilled to see Rush content and thriving.

Click the video below and let’s watch Rush’s journey and happy ending!

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