Plants Perish During Mother-in-Law's Visits

Plants Perish During Mother-in-Law’s Visits: Unlucky Coincidence or Secret Sabotage?

When it comes to family dynamics, sometimes the most unexpected elements become the center of mystery and intrigue. This is exactly what happened in the case of a Reddit user who noticed a peculiar pattern: their beloved houseplants seem to wither every time their mother-in-law pays a visit.

It’s a tale that intertwines the complexities of family relationships with the serene world of houseplant care, leading to an array of opinions and theories from the Reddit community.

She wrote:

I need some advice or maybe just a place to vent because this situation is as bizarre as it is frustrating. I’m a bit of a plant enthusiast, and over the past year, I’ve filled our apartment with various houseplants. They’ve been thriving and are my pride and joy. However, there’s a strange pattern I’ve noticed, and it involves my mother-in-law, Janet.

Every time Janet comes to visit, which is roughly once a month, something odd happens to my plants. Within a week of her visit, at least one of my plants starts wilting or showing signs of distress. I’ve lost three beloved ferns, a couple of succulents, and even my sturdy snake plant. At first, I thought it was a coincidence, or I was doing something wrong with my plant care routine. But this pattern has been too consistent to ignore.

Janet has never shown much interest in my plants. She doesn’t comment on them, and I’ve never seen her go near them. She’s always been a bit distant and critical, particularly towards things I’m passionate about. My partner thinks I’m overreacting and says it’s just a string of bad luck with the plants.

But here’s the kicker: the last time she visited, I caught her casually glancing at my monstera, which had been thriving until then. A week after her visit, it started showing signs of distress. I don’t want to jump to conclusions or accuse her of something so petty as sabotaging my houseplants, but I can’t shake off this eerie coincidence.

Has anyone experienced something like this? Could there be a reasonable explanation I’m overlooking? I’m hesitant to bring it up with my partner or Janet, as it sounds so outlandish. I’m just looking for some insight or advice on how to deal with this without causing family tension.

People were quick to share their thoughts.

PlantLover123 said that:

“It might sound far-fetched, but maybe your mother-in-law has a negative aura that affects your plants. I’ve read about energy fields influencing plant growth. Maybe try some positive energy techniques around your house.”

GreenThumbGuru said that:

“Have you considered that she might be secretly meddling with your plants? Perhaps she’s overwatering them or doing something else when you’re not looking. It’s strange that this only happens when she visits.”

SensitiveFern said that:

“I don’t believe in coincidences with plants. They’re sensitive to their environment. Maybe your stress levels increase when she’s around, and that affects how you care for them?”

NatureWhisperer456 said that:

“It could be a change in the environment, like if she smokes or uses a strong perfume. Some plants are really sensitive to changes in air quality.”

BotanicalSleuth said that:

“Do a little experiment. Move some plants to a different location next time she visits and see if the same thing happens. It could help you find out if it’s her presence or something else.”

PlantPsychologyExpert said that:

“Plants react to their surroundings, including the emotional atmosphere. Maybe the tension between you and your mother-in-law is affecting them?”

UrbanJungleWarrior said that:

“It seems too consistent to be a mere coincidence. Maybe set up a hidden camera to see if she’s actually doing something to your plants.”

PeacefulPlantParent said that:

“Try talking to her about it in a non-accusatory way. She might not even realize she’s doing something that could harm your plants.”

SkepticalGreenThumb said that:

“It might just be a series of unfortunate events. Sometimes plants just die, and it’s nobody’s fault.”

HorticulturalDetective said that:

“This sounds like a mystery that needs solving. Keep a detailed log of your plant care and see if there’s any change in routine when she visits.”

EmpatheticGardener said that:

“Your feelings towards your mother-in-law might be projecting onto your plants. Try to foster a more positive environment when she’s around.”

RationalBotanist said that:

“It’s important to look at this scientifically. Correlation doesn’t always mean causation. Maybe get your soil and water tested?”

PlantConspiracyTheorist said that:

“What if she’s doing something to your plants out of spite? Some people have strange ways of expressing their disapproval.”

BalancedGreenie said that:

“Consider all factors, including changes in light, temperature, or even your own care routine when she’s around. It might not be her directly causing it.”

EnvironmentalObserver said that:

“Plants can be sensitive to so many things. It’s important to keep an open mind and not jump to conclusions.”

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